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Sorry, Safari!

DIY High/Low Tee
Peplum Power!

Wow!  Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for all your support for Revente’s Last Call! Neiman Marcus can’t ignore all the bad publicity they’ve brought upon themselves through their corporate thuggery.   I’ll be sure to keep you posted as soon as I know anything new with this situation.  Fingers crossed!  🙂

Now…back to the refashions!

Why did fashion retailers in the early 90’s all seem to think that the best thing to do with a boring awkward-length dress was to stick a safari scene on the bottom of it?

Sorry, Safari! 2
Oh yeah…gimme some of that shapeless boredom!

Let’s get a closer look at nature’s exotic splendor, shall we?

Sorry, Safari! 3
Majestic, isn’t it?

Unfortunately in this particular scene, the sky has turned black and Armageddon is upon these innocent creatures in the form of diamond-shaped red-hot fireballs.  :/

There’s just no way I could make this bottom section work, so off it went!

Sorry, Safari! 4

I decided to make this dress a little more fun by giving it an asymmetrical hemline.

In getting rid of all that wilderness, this piece ended up reallllly (as in dangerously) short!  And I still have to add a hem so it wouldn’t fray!  :/

I grabbed my bottle of Fray Block and applied it to the bottom edge.

Sorry, Safari! 5
Just a dab’ll do ya! 🙂

Then I folded it over once…juuuuust enough to have hem and sewed it down with a zigzag stitch, since my hem was on the bias (meaning:  It needs to be able to stretch a little).

Sorry, Safari! 6

I wrapped those side sashes around me twice, and now I have a cute dress in Gamecock colors!  🙂

Sorry, Safari! 7
Gotta love that Garnet & Black! 🙂

My new dress was perfect for an afternoon “Stock the Bar” Shower for these awesome people:

Sorry, Safari! 8
Erin, the future bride!
Sorry, Safari! 9
Ken, the future groom!

Everyone had a blast celebrating this awesome couple!  🙂

Sorry, Safari! 10
Such a great way to spend an afternoon!

My Gent even stopped by with his son, who I’m giving the alias of Dram (I’ve always thought this was the perfect tacky Soap Opera name).

Sorry, Safari! 11
Arms crossed? Check! Hair in eyes? Check!

Yup.  I’m totally dating a guy with a kid.  For the first time ever.  I’m pretty terrible at the whole thing, as I haven’t a clue how to talk to a teenager (Heck…I didn’t know how to talk to other kids when I was a kid!).  Fortunately, Dram is a great kid who tolerates my awkwardness (“Uh…er…how’s being all young and stuff going for ya?” Seriously…awkward.)

Sorry, Safari! 12
Gotta love David’s “Blue Steel” face! 😀

I’ll leave you with this beautiful pic of Erin & Ken’s loot!  🙂

Sorry, Safari! 13
Party at Erin & Ken’s!!!! 😀



DIY High/Low Tee
Peplum Power!