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Stop Buying Cheap Crap and Change the World

Perfect Little Black Sweater Dress Refashion
An Eileen Fisher Inspired Sweater Refashion

I don’t frequently hop on my eco fashion soapbox on this blog.  I want to change the way the world thinks about fashion, but I don’t want to alienate/guilt/shame people into it.  Instead, I show you a better, more creative, and inspired way to approach looking fabulous.  I try to make it nice & positive.   🙂

"A spoonful of sugar" and all that jazz!
“A spoonful of sugar” and all that jazz!

But seriously…

Stop buying cheap crap.  Stop buying it, and the sweatshop-fueled fast fashion powers that be will crumble.  Demand better quality from your clothes (even if it means buying *gasp* less) and watch fabrics and construction methods improve and become more durable.  Stop buying it and enjoy knowing that your style and your conscience aren’t one-use disposable commodities.

In a recent thrifting venture, I found this dress that looked pretty cute on the hanger.  Then, I took a closer look:

Holey Moley!
You can’t hide from me, teeny holes!
Holey Sh*t. :/
There were plenty more, but I don’t want to bore you with an endless series of holes. :/

This thing was riddled with holes on all the seams where cheap crappy fabric was pulling away from cheap crappy thread.  🙁

I bought this dress because it was only $1…and because I knew it would be thrown in the garbage as soon as a worker there noticed how damaged it was.

Did you know that most thrift stores do that?  When you donate something damaged, it usually doesn’t pass the sorting process.  It goes riiiiight into the dumpster.  Did you know that textile waste accounts for 5% of our landfills?

This bullish*t makes me angry, folks.  I used to date this guy whose sister would brag about how little she paid for her clothes (Uh…dude…I never pay more than $1…but whatevs!).  One day she joked, “This top is actually pretty well-made.  I hope the kid in China who made it got an extra bowl of rice that day!”  (our relationship lasted about as long as her crappily constructed top).This type of mentality is not okay.      It just isn’t.  You can look awesome, be thrifty, AND not sell your soul in the process! 

jon stewart colbert bravo

I washed my new dress by hand in cold water and restitched every single seam.


I noticed a little bit of hand-stitching on one of the seams where the original owner tried to fix the dress, then gave up.


Now my dress no longer looks like the victim of a slasher flick!  🙂


I’m going to be extremely careful with this dress to try to get as many wears out of it as I possibly can.


I wore my new frock to the Anastasia & Friends gallery to check out some awesome violins & guitars!

Well hello there fella! 🙂
Sort of creepy, but very cool!
Eye see you! 🙂

While out & about, I even ran into some friends!

Recognize my model from the ReFashion Show??? :)
Recognize my model from the ReFashion Show??? 🙂

I’m not trying to scold you guys or be a jerk here.  Just think about the impact your style choices are making on the world around you.   Mmmmkay?  🙂


Perfect Little Black Sweater Dress Refashion
An Eileen Fisher Inspired Sweater Refashion