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  • Ruby

    HI there! I just found your blog today, so I want to say “great blog!” and “keep searching your inner creativity”….clothing refashioning is a sign that there’s a lot of ideas you can adapt to other mediums.
    I’ve been blogging for three years, but took a break. Now starting back. As soon as I get some of my “re-do’s” posted, I”ll send you some. YOu are a hot chick and you photograph sooo well.

  • Sierra Howard

    Hi, I’m a student at pacific elementary school in 5th grade I’m doing a project called genius hour and I made a vest all by myself and I took some pictures, if you could put these on your blog that would be great. Remember this is a school thing so I would like if you responded. I have one question how do I do a reader refashion? This is my teachers email.

  • Annie

    I was a baby of the depression years (1930), and saw my parents re-use and re-fashion every available item…. I remember wearing school dresses made from the printed sacks that flour came in. My mother was a very talented and sought after self- taught seamstress in our little town. (I remember sitting on the treadle of her old Singer sewing machine!) During the war years fabrics were very scarce, and expensive when found. After one customer brought in her husband’s old suit to see if my mother could “re-fashion” it into one for her, I saw my mother rip apart many entire suits, piece by piece, Iron and recut and sew it into a fashionable suit for the female figure! In those years, many men bought their suits with 2 pair of pants, so this was ample fabric. Since most of the men’s suits from that time were woven wool, when the fabric was turned to the inside of the suit, the fabric looked brand new and mostly non-worn out! The “good old days” still have much to teach us!


  • Teresa

    Many years ago, about 40, I worked with a lady whose mother-in-law would go to the thrift shops in Denver and sew updated fashions from the clothes she found. The girl who wore the refashioned clothes was tall and pretty and no doubt looked even more fashionable than her friends. I sewed a lot of my daughter’s clothes, but never had access to a really good thrift store or yard sales. Love your fashions!

  • Carmela

    I totally love your blog and just sent you my own refashion! I hope you look at it and consider putting it up. You rock thanks for being awesome!

  • Laurel Dobie

    Hey! I am creating a Reader ReFash but your link to submit it only takes me to Microsoft Outlook which I don’t use, and have not configured, so I can’t see the address this link would send to. Can you give me an email address where you would like my submission to go, please? Thanks.
    I love your blog and column. I have always sewn and upcycled, but you inspire me to take my creativity down delightfully divergent paths.

  • laura

    I set a goal to refashion this year..I found your site… in my search for inspiration. I had to laugh at your submission rules- I break every single one! (Mirror selfies.. head cut off.. etc.. )

    • ReFashionista

      Stahp it! 🙂 Get a friend to take your pic (or just sit your camera precariously atop a stack of books on a table like I did for the first year of this blog!). 🙂

  • Debby

    I just created an awesome sweater from 2 sweaters – Christmas gift to my college age daughter. She loves it. Only, I did not take pictures along the way – will remember that next time and submit it to you. I love the feeling of recreating something new out of something old! Debby

  • Sheetal

    This comment is not exactly where it should be. I actually want to comment on the sewing machine giveaway post after liking and pinning your post. But the content of that page distorts in my laptop and mobile, it brings all the content to the right side of screen, showing just a letter or two in each line and stretching down, and Reply link doesn’t work, which I tried several times. I thought it was a browser problem and even installed a new browser for it. (I viewed the content at my office yesterday).

    Just wanted to tell you your 3 excuses sound so like me right now.
    That’s exactly how I’m feeling right now, dreaming about all the clothes I’d make if I had one, and yes, I’m greedy about the sewing machine 😀

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