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Seersucker House Dress to Day Dress Refashion

A Too Darn Hot No-Sew Dress Refashion
Thrift Score Thursday: Mikelos Edition

While I’m a transplant to the South, there are some things I absolutely adore about living here. Grits, warm weather, and friendly people all make the top of this list.  

Some of you might be surprised to learn that I also have a thing for southern fashion.  

I know…it’s a little odd, as it’s not really my look per se, and when I wear these more southern-y things, I’m pretty sure I look like a Barbie whose head has been ripped off and replaced with another doll’s entirely.  🙂

Seersucker is one of these southern fashion staples that remains timeless and stylish all at once.  

When I found this seersucker house dress, I was quite excited!

seersucker house dress refashion before
I’m excited. I swear.

I had to give away the last seersucker piece I remade a couple of years ago, and I’ve been looking for a good replacement ever since.  🙂

To get started, I grabbed my seam ripper and got rid of those sleeves!

Temps have reached triple digits here, and I’m not about to be any more clothed than I need to be!

removing sleeves from dress
Buh bye!

Then, I closed up those armholes!

sewing armholes

Next, I chopped off a bit of length from the bottom.  

Usually, I save this step for last, but I knew I wanted a cute little matchy-matchy sash for my new frock, and I ran the risk of not having a long enough sash if I did this choppage after taking my new dress in.

removing bottom hem of dress

I put my dress on my form and started the whole taking-in/reshaping process.

taking in dress on dress form
Sad to see those pockets go. :'(

I chopped off that extra fabric with my pinking shears, then got to work on my new hem.

pinning new hem
Stitching new hem

When I tried my dress on, I noticed some rather frightening gappage on the lower part of the front placket.

Soooooo…I stitched the placket down!

stitching down front placket

For my last lil trick, I folded that bottom scrap under twice, pressed it, and pinned it.

Prepping a new sash
Prepping a new sash!
sewing sash
Another whirrrrrr!

Did I say, “my last lil trick”?  Because I have one more to share with you!

Some of my more observant readers might have noticed that I’m sewing on a new machine!  I’ll share more about that at a later time, but in the meantime…looooook at what it can do!

refashionista stitched on hem

My new seersucker number kept me fresh and cool all day!

A Seersucker House Dress to Day Dress Refashion After
Ain’t it cute?

My new dress enjoyed an afternoon wine tasting, followed by a little more wine!

wine tasting
Gotta try ’em all!
Happy winos
Happy winos!
refashionista drinking wine
Mysterious Jillian is full of mystery!


Refashionista Seersucker House Dress to Day Dress Refashion Before and After
A Too Darn Hot No-Sew Dress Refashion
Thrift Score Thursday: Mikelos Edition

63 thoughts on “Seersucker House Dress to Day Dress Refashion”

  1. You often comment about losing pockets when you take in dresses, why not chop the old pocket off and incorporate it into your new side seam? Wouldn’t be hard and you’d keep all that usefulness. A dress without pocket is just not quite complete. 🙂

  2. I really like this kind of dress too and love what you did to this one.
    I have just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it. I have been meaning to learn to sew for years because I always wanted to adjust op-shop finds and I finally got a sewing machine last Christmas and have come a long way in the little time I have been able to set aside so far. (I have three little boys) Your blog has been an inspiration and I can’t wait to try a refashion of my own. Looking forward to your next blog entry

  3. Absolutely LOVE this remake of that nasty house dress. I am not a fan of seersucker, but I just may change my point of view!

  4. Help!:) I want to read through the 366 day project and can not find day 1. I am using my phone. Is there a tab or something? I have read everything else and somehow managed to get to day 190 something and go up from there. Btw, I have learned a ton from this blog and have been going crazy sewing. Thank you Jillian!!

  5. I too found you on GMA. We are kindred spirits. I love to sew, and to thrift shop. Every find is an adventure in the making. . . one of a kind wonderfulness! I look forward to all of your future finds.

  6. I absolutely love this refashion! I’m from Atlanta and attend university in Alabama, so I definitely know where you’re coming from in regard to the oppressively humid Southern heat. And that lipstick color looks fabulous on you. 🙂

    • Thanks so much! The heat has lessened a bit today, thank goodness! 🙂 I go through red lipstick phases sometimes. This is one of those times. It’s just so fun and flashy! 🙂

  7. If you want to keep the pockets, and they are in a comfortable place, you can! When you hit the seam length that the pockets are just make a 90 ish degree turn, see to the existing pocket, and then stop. To continue the seam you’re taking, reverse this at thepocket bottom. “shorten” the pocket by seaming the end of it to the length you want. I think of it as driving down a road, turn into a cul d sak, driving around it, and exiting to get back on the main road.
    And Summerville, SC isn’t any cooler. But we have Community Thrift, which rocks! Come on down!

  8. I showed my two granddaughters, nine years and six years, your website and they were begging me to take them to the goodwill store. They just can’t wait to try refashioning. Love it.

  9. Blimey! That’s quite a transformation. I’m new to your blog, via Lovebirds Vintage. I love your can-do attitude, especially as I am currently revamping my own wardrobe and making things fit so they work for me. So far I haven’t done anything too drastic, but am turning a dress into a skirt and sun top.

    Really inspirational, thank you!
    P x

  10. Love your site! Would you share the brand of dress form that you use. It’s a major purchase so your imput is valued. Thx

    • I use an adjustable Singer dress form, but I actually wouldn’t advise buying it, as it’s being held together with binder clips and the like. It’s just not very durable. I’m on the hunt for a new one, and I’ll letcha know about it as soon as I get it! 🙂

  11. If you really want the pockets, why don’t you insert them into the new side seam? It wouldn’t take much for pockets that are just sewn into the seam like these are.

  12. I always wondered why you seem to have such a hatred of sleeves. I mean, i live in georgia and it’s hot here but we still wear sleeves. After spending a day in Columbia wearing cotton and thinking I would cool enough, I realize why it’s called the armpit of America!!! It was so hot! And the venue did not have good air conditioning. So now I know, lol, and will remember on my next trip. Seersucker would have been delightful.

  13. I just got a sewing machine (kinda basic, but does what I need) after decades without one (used to sew like a fiend, back in the 1960’s and 1970’s!), and your appearance on TV and now getting your blogs in email, is motivating me to jump in again and tear into thrift-store clothing with creative abandon, and start doing the type of repurposeful stuff you do. Thanks so much for being my muse. (When I ever actually get into it, I’ll send you pics of whatever I end up with. . . ) WHEEeeeeee!

  14. Love it and I would love one myself, but can’t see. I saw you on GMA and found they way you refashion clothes fasinatic.
    I am a thrift shopper and would never think of doing this.

  15. Great job as usuall, I love the “signature” embroidered into the garment. Pockets are such a valuable element, especially on a summer dress. I think you have the skill to move them to your new side seam. Be brave, give it a try next time.

  16. I love seersucker too. Don’t have to iron it HA HA. That really was an amazing transformation. Even though I am a BBW, and may be hard to find larger clothes than I, you have given me incentive to start looking. I also know I can combine two outfits into one. Thanks for the incentive. I have shared you site with my friends.

  17. Love seeing you transform a charity shop item into something totally fab! It’s hit here in Somerset, UK but guess you have it a lot hotter!!

  18. I love your seersucker dress. That is soo cool! I too like to shop Goodwill and thrift stores, but you have shed a new light on clothing style for my daughter and myself. I was wondering about your dress form though. Where did you get it and what size is it? I have never worked with a dress form before, but it looks like it makes what you do a whole lot easier to work with. Thank you for your inspiration!

    • Thanks Judy! I don’t really like my dress form very much and am looking for a different one. The one I have was purchased from Amazon, and it’s an adjustable Singer model…but like I said…I don’t really care for it. It’s not very durable.

      • Ok, I will wait to see/hear what brand of dress form you purchase. Like I previously said, I have not worked with one before and I think if it could have at least two different adjustments (one for myself and the other for my daughter), that would be awesome! Thank you for responding too. Keep up the great work that you do in inspiring all of us out there! Have a blessed day! 🙂


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