• Day 348:  Living a Lie Top 1
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    Day 348: Living a Lie Top

    I don’t know what it was about the late 80’s/early 90’s that made clothing manufacturers believe that people couldn’t be trusted to handle their own layering. I really don’t understand the whole “double dress” look, folks.  Why did anyone think this was okay????  Especially when the bottom layer is always fake??? Fortunately, there’s a fairly straightforward solution to this! This dress required a bit more snippage to deal with some ooglay pads as well! I took the outer dress layer, buttoned the bottom button, and put my arms in with the buttoned part behind me.  🙂  Now I have a nice piece to do my own layering with!  🙂 I…

  • Day 346:  The Vapors Dress 5
    All,  Year 2: The 366 Day Upcycle Project

    Day 346: The Vapors Dress

    Today’s dress positively gave me the vapors! Okay.  Check out that awful multi-layered ruffle action at the neckline!  :/  Seriously?  Seriously?  It’s not all bad though!  That print is lovely, and the crepe-like material is airy & lightweight!  There’s definite potential here, folks!  🙂 Yeah…but those ruffles had to go! While I had my scissors out, I made a few more snips as well! Then, I gave that bottom edge a new hem! And now that once-wretchedly ruffled reject (yay for alliteration!) is ready to go antiquing!  🙂 While wandering about, I encountered a few creepy things that I reallllly wanted to take home with me!  🙂 Cheers!  🙂  …

  • Day 345:  Denim Aversion Dress 9
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    Day 345: Denim Aversion Dress

    I’m a firm believer that denim should only exist in 3 states: jeans, jackets, and the occasional miniskirt!  Anything else is just too redneck-y and sad for my tastes!  😛 But then I stumbled across this: Sometimes I actually pity a piece of clothing.  This is one of them!  I’m going against my denim aversion to try and make this dress cute…or at least wearable! Could it be done?!?!  I had to try! First, I set about removing those sleeves.  I grabbed my seam ripper, put on an episode of Downton Abbey, and picked away!  🙂 Next, I pinned those raw edges from the armholes under. I sewed down my…

  • Day 342:  Welcome to Jillian Place Dress 13
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    Day 342: Welcome to Jillian Place Dress

    I do so love a big beautiful print!  🙂 As some of you know, I’ve been in a bit of a transitional period for the past few months.  After fella and I broke off our engagement, I moved out of our beloved duplex and into the house of my good friends, Mike and Whitney.  The plan was this:  They had just bought a new house that was being renovated.  I would stay with them until they were ready to move, and then I’d rent out their old house.  Voila!  So…they’ve basically tolerated me squatting with them since March, and I am eternally grateful!!!!  I’m sure their parrots are eternally grateful…

  • Day 337:  Art Collector Dress 17
    All,  Year 2: The 366 Day Upcycle Project

    Day 337: Art Collector Dress

    Wow!  Check out this mumsy number!  :/ As you can see, I’m not entirely thrilled about this dress, folks.  It’s made of a lovely lightweight linen (perfect for a hot SC day), and that coral hue is just delightful.  But I can’t get over that flippin’ collar!  :/ An amputation is in order, friends. Okay!  That ugly collar is gone, freeing up what is actually a very pretty V-neck.  🙂  But something had to be done about that length! I couldn’t just leave that raw edge fraying all over the place, so under the needle it went!  🙂 I’m almost done!  🙂  This dress, though shortened and de-collared was still…