• My First Not-So-Hostile Hostel Experience 1

    My First Not-So-Hostile Hostel Experience

    When a few friends of mine and I purchased tickets to see Future Islands (one of my favorite bands) in Asheville, NC, single me was in a pickle. Erin and Ken wanted to book a room at the new Aloft (and presumably do what married people do), and my pal Dan was staying with friends. I just needed a place to crash. That was it. I knew I’d be out late and would barely even see the hotel or Airbnb I booked. That extra couple hundred bucks could be spent in far more fun ways. That’s when I decided to book my very first ever hostel stay at Sweet Peas Hostel.…

  • Pretty for The Pixies 5
    All,  Year 1: The Beginning

    Pretty for The Pixies

    Let me start off by saying I had absolutely no high hopes for this dress when I found it.  I sort of liked the print, but that really was about it. Always up for a challenge, I decided to give it a go!  First off, that ridonkulous neck tie action had to stop.  I grabbed my seam ripper and got to it! You can see how the neck tie thingy went alllllll the waaaaaay arooooound the collar of the dress in one solid sash…Perfect for me to use as a waist sash.  I sewed down the raw edgy part that used to be around the collar… Then I needed to…