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    Me Made March: Day 4!

    Today’s piece was awkward when first I found it. The elastic in the waist had been completely stretched out, The length sucked, and it was too big for me.  Erg.  Thankfully, I wasn’t in the mood for a dress anyways. The pic shows the first cut, but rest assured, I used my teeny tiny scissors to clean up that raw edge, leaving the seam that separated the skirt and the top as-is. The sleeves had elastic at the cuffs, which I wasn’t digging, so I carefully snipped it out and pulled the offending elastic out. I pressed the sleeves, to remove all evidence that they were ever elasticized.  I decided…

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    Behind Every Good Woman Lies a Trail of Men

    This dress was for a very special occasion!  I was invited to show a ball gown I made for the 2010 Columbia Design League’s Runaway Runway recycled fashion show at the Columbia Museum of Art!  My dress was going to be displayed with the works of an “elite group of top designers” (their words, not mine).  🙂  Obviously, I was going to have to fix this maroon number up a bit before it would be reception-worthy!  First, I took care of the extremities. I was going to remove that neck-tie thingy next, but something stopped me.  If I removed it, I’d be taking away the one really unique thing about this…