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    A Pleasant Peasant Top

    Today’s refashion was super simple.  I found this guy at the dollar-a-pound Goodwill, and loved it right away. I love the bright colors and the light, breezy fabric!  If I were of a kaftan-wearing sort, I would have kept it as-is.  Sadly, I am not.  I’ve been a wee bit stressed lately.  All I wanted was a comfy top to throw on over some jeans for my date with some fresh-baked cookies and theeeeeese guys: This seriously might be the funniest show on the planet. Time to do away with my stressy self and break out my inner hippie!  This will require a fun peasant top! First, I cut off the…

  • On Safari 5

    On Safari

    When I bought this rather large shirt (a men’s 4X!!) at the dollar-a-pound Goodwill, I had no idea what I would end up doing with it.  I figured it was worth buying  just for the fabric. This shirt sat in my “before” pile for about a week before I came up with an idea of how to use it.  I decided to turn this huge shirt into a cute khaki shirt dress, like the ones I’ve been seeing/coveting in stores lately. I seam-ripped the breast pocket off, and put it aside.  I couldn’t keep it where it was, as a seam would end up going through it.  Don’t worry!  It’s coming back later,…