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    Happy Thanksgiving Jacket

    Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!  🙂  I hope everyone got to spend this special day with the people they love!  In years past, I’ve always joined either my fam or someone else’s fam for  Turkey Day.  It really is the way to go- all you have to do is bring one side dish, nom on tasty food, and leave.  No stress or cleanup required!  🙂 But this year, I decided to try my hand at cooking my first Thanksgiving Dinner!  🙂  Before I got to work, I needed something cute & casual to wear for the day.  I went with this faux jacketed dress. I hate dresses with sewn-on attachments.  It’s as…

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    Day 314: Bibliophile Jacket: A Dress to Jacket Refashion

    Lately, I’ve really gotten back into reading.  So of course I loved this dress!  🙂 I know…it looks like a big mess, but look a bit closer… How whimsical and cute is this bookish print?!?!  I loves! 🙂 Unfortunately, this dress was just waaaaay too busy for my taste.  Time to pare it down a bit! These guys absolutely had to go! I removed the top part of the dress from the bottom part, right along the serged seam so it wouldn’t fray… I also snipped off those belt loops. I turned the top part of the dress around, using the zip-up back as the new front of my new…