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    One Dress, Three Ways III! Which is Your Fave?

    Hello all.  Whew!  I have been one busy busy gal!  Starting my new job and lots of other fun things have kept me in a most exciting flurry of activity!  🙂 Don’t worry!  It’s all calming down enough for me to blog a bit more regularly…at least for now!  🙂 I feel like the last time we talked, I was near the end of a project.  Hmmmmnnn…what could that have been?     You can see the previous (no sew!) incarnations of this dress right here and here! I thought it was time to whip out my machine for the final chapter in this thrilling saga! Since I’ve already made…

  • 1 Frumpy Dress = 1 Funky Sweater + 1 Fab Miniskirt! 5
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    1 Frumpy Dress = 1 Funky Sweater + 1 Fab Miniskirt!

    Hey guys (but probably mostly gals)!  Remember this frumpy sweater dress? Come on!  This wasn’t that long ago!  Okay…just check out the original refashion.  It’s alright.  I’ll wait. I wasn’t lying when I said I had plans for that bottom leftover scrap! This is a pretty simple one, folks.  This scrap obviously wants to be a cute skirt.  As I don’t have many skirts, this is what I want for it too. I started pinning that top edge down, creating a casing. Then, I stitched it down, making sure to leave enough space to thread some elastic through. I grabbed a scrap of elastic salvaged from an old fitted bed…

  • Day 51:  Tablecloth Dress 9
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    Day 51: Tablecloth Dress

    Today’s dress is not actually made from a tablecloth, but the gingham print makes me think of one. I can’t imagine anyone other than a hillbilly porn star wearing this dress as-is.  :/ I got to chopping!  🙂 Cropped tanks are in right now, so I’m leaving the top as-is. I decided to use the bottom half as a skirt.  I used the bottom hemmed part as the top of my new skirt.  First, I pinned a dart down the back seam to make it more fitted. Then, I stitched my dart. I cut off the excess material, and tossed on my two easy pieces.  🙂 This really is a…

  • Day 40:  A Basic Khaki Skirt 13
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    Day 40: A Basic Khaki Skirt

    It’s nifty when I can convert something manky into a really practical wardrobe staple. 🙂 Meet something manky: Woo-hoo!  Beige!  Yeah!  The color of excitement, fun, and intrigue!  Break me off some more of that sweet sweet beige! Or not. :/ I liked the white trim and the nifty side pocket, but that’s about it. You can’t see it in the pic above, but check out these uber-nasty sweat stains on the pits!  🙁 I decided to remedy this situation by turning this dress into a skirt! First, I lopped off the top of the dress and the lining.  Don’t worry!  I’m saving that lining for a later project.  It’s…

  • Day 33:  A Royal Skirt 17
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    Day 33: A Royal Skirt

    I was quite pleased with how I was able to use almost every scrap from a dress in yesterday’s piece.  🙂  I decided to do it again, because No-Waste refashions are the best kind! No Waste = Nothing in the landfill!  🙂 Hopefully you remember the royal blue dress from Day 14. You might also remember how I turned it into a fun cape/jacket!  🙂 But what about the bottom part?  Was I just going to toss it out? Oh no.  Oh heck no! When I detached the top from the bottom of the dress, I left about an inch of fabric over the elastic waistband of the skirt.  There…