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    A Perfect Peplum Sweater

    While digging through my closet trying to find something to wear for work, I realized something…I have very few tops and almost only dresses.  This makes days when I feel like wearing jeans a bit trickier than they should be. When I plucked this black sweater dress off my refashion rack, I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to keep it as a dress or not.     I liked the neckline of this dress, as well as how soft, warm, and cozy the fabric was.  But…dress or sweater?  I really wasn’t sure which way I was going to go. I got started by resizing the dress with the help…

  • A Cowl Back Conversion 5
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    A Cowl Back Conversion

    When I found this frock on the 50 cent sale rack at the Goodwill near my house, I thought, “Wow!  A dress I don’t even have to refashion!”   But then I looked a little closer…     Here.  Let me help you out a bit.     Do you see the bizarre patched-up crotch hole?  HOW DID THAT GET THERE?  WHYYYYYYY?  And WHY am I so terrified of the implications of said crotch hole? :/ *Shudder* Step 1:   I don’t know about you guys, but I feel much better now! So, I could have reattached that bottom bit to the newly crotch-hole-less bit, but the temps here have…

  • Peepshow Top 9
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    Peepshow Top

    I’ve had this black dress on my refashion rack for a couple of months.  I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with it.     SPOILER ALERT:  My original plan doesn’t work out! I finally decided to turn this dress into an entirely different dress!  I snipped off the seam to one of the shoulders.     Then, I grabbed a spool of grosgrain ribbon…     …and pinned it to both sides of the  recently cut shoulder.     I stitched each one down.     Do you see where I’m going with this?  My plan was to make the two shoulder pieces the new front…

  • Dress to Top and Fun Life Things! 13
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    Dress to Top and Fun Life Things!

    Hello!  Welcome to November! I’m happy to start this new month with some pretty big news!  🙂  As most of you know, I don’t just get to hang out at home refashioning all day.  I, like many of you, have a full-time day job.  I’ve been working at the South Carolina Arts Commission for seven years as their Grants Manager.  It’s been real. But sometimes you just need a change.  I’m very excited to announce I’ve accepted a position with the United Way of the Midlands!  🙂 I’ll be working as the Program Assistant for the Health Council and the Financial Stability Council in UWM’s community work.  This will include…

  • Midnight at the Mountain Oasis:  A Dress to Top ReFashion! 17
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    Midnight at the Mountain Oasis: A Dress to Top ReFashion!

    Don’t you just love when you make plans months ahead for something really exciting?  There’s always something to look forward to on the distant horizon!  Well, Dan bought tickets for the Mountain Oasis music festival in Asheville the first day they went on sale.  I loooove Asheville and I’m fond of electronic music, so I’d been eagerly awaiting the trip! The first day of the festival finally arrived, but I didn’t have anything to wear for the chilly temps of the mountains!  This is where all of you “Why don’t you make something with sleeves???” people can say, “Toldja so!”.  🙂 Luckily, I did have this long-sleeved number: Wait a…