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    A Super Comfy Bowl Dye Cropped Sweater Refashion

    Hello again, friends! How are you all holding up? Personally, I’m already starting feel pretty cooped up, but am pushing through it with a combination of gardening, refashioning, and reading a few books I’d been meaning to get around to.

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    Huzzah!  It’s SPRING!  Now ends the winter of my discontent!  This winter ended on a lousy note, so I’m happy to say goodbye to the blah, and hello to lots of good & positive things that have come into the works since then.  🙂 Let’s start with a new refashion for the new season, shall we?  I started with this $1 bit of thrift store fashion:     It also had a lining!     I like sea foam green.  I also really liked that nice waist detail and wanted to bring it out a bit. But first, I needed to get rid of those sleeves for a nice, super-warm…

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    The Blind Pepper

    Hooray for warmth!  South Carolina is finally hitting those magical temperatures that make you understand what Tennessee Williams meant by The Long, Hot Summer.  I love it.  I love not having to wear layers.  I love how the heat makes everyone just a little crazy.  I love going barefoot and feeling like I could drink the air because it’s so humid. And I love fun summer frocks! I’ve had this dress in my refashion stash for a long time, and figured I’d better do something with it.   I liked the loose coolness of this dress, but still wanted it to be just a smidge more fitted.      …

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    Forever 31

    When I found this dress by Forever 21 at one of my fave thrift shops, I was reminded that I’m an entire decade older than their target demographic.  Yikes. Other than being shoddily constructed by an evil fast fashion giant (end of rant), this dress had a couple of other issues as well.  It was about a size too big for me, it was really faded (hard to see in the pic), and it had a damaged zipper. I decided to take care of that fading first.  I grabbed a box of black dye… …then took the dress and started folding it into a pitcher, sprinkling a bit of the…

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    Reunited Dress

    About a decade ago (OH MY GOD I FEEL SO OLD!!!), I was something close to a Junior at the University of South Carolina (Go Cocks!).  I was not the most studious student, folks.  :/  While my dedication to my major (Theatre) was strong, I couldn’t quite make myself give any flips at all about other subjects like…say…Statistics.  Don’t worry!  I did eventually graduate and somehow even managed to convince someone to hire me!  🙂 While I could just accept personal responsibility for my inability to choose studying over partying, I prefer to blame the company I kept at the time….specifically two of my best buds, Mike and Travis.  🙂…