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    Hoppy to See You Top

    Hey!  Do you remember that time I refashioned this muumuu… …into this no-sew dress? If you don’t remember, it’s okay.  You can revisit it right here.  Although it was just last week, so you really should have a slightly better memory.  😉 So…now what?  I told you I planned on a re-refashion of this one, and now you get to see it! To get started, I picked off those sleeves with my seam ripper. I couldn’t very well leave those raw edges as-is, so I pinned them under, then stitched ’em up! I knew I needed to resize this one, so on my dress form it went! And THIS is…

  • Q&A Monday:  A Pay it Forward Sewing Machine Giveaway! 5
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    Q&A Monday: A Pay it Forward Sewing Machine Giveaway!

    Q:  One of the most frequent questions I get from my readers is, “What sewing machine do you use?” A:  The kind of machine I sew on is far less interesting a story than how I came across it.  You see, there was a time (not so long ago) when I didn’t sew.  Not only did I not sew, I had no idea how to sew.  I was in a rut, folks.  :/  I needed a creative outlet.  I kept talking about getting a sewing machine and learning how to use it. “Ugh…but it’s too expensive!” and “What if I’m not any good at it?” and “What if I just…

  • Vintage-Patch Giveaway! 9
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    Vintage-Patch Giveaway!

    Happy Friday, Everybody!  😀  I have a surprise for you…a giveaway!!!! 🙂 What can you do to fix those holey-kneed pants or holey-elbowed tops?  What if you just want to add a bit of pizzazz to a boring jacket? The lovely Adelaide of Vintage-Patch has the answer….fabulous iron-on patches from reclaimed vintage fabric!!!!!  🙂 Aren’t these just awesome sauce?  Don’t you want some Vintage-Patches of your very own??? Well…you’re in luck!  I have three sets of these awesome patches…and they’re up for grabs!!!  🙂 But wait a sec…do they work?  I had to find out! I had this blah blue blazer… I dyed it a bit darker with some black…

  • Day 57:  Aloha Bolero & A Nana Giveaway! 13
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    Day 57: Aloha Bolero & A Nana Giveaway!

    Aloha from South Carolina! 🙂 I have to say, I love Hawaiian printed stuff.  Shirts, Dresses, Bags, whatever…I dig it.  It makes me feel like I’m miles away, sipping on an exotic beverage with an umbrella in it.  🙂 Sadly, this top is just too big, and not something I would ever wear, except maybe as a swimsuit coverup.  I decided to make it a bit more practical. See where I’m going here? I finished all of my raw edges, starting with the bottom. Then, I finished the sides! I pressed my new hems, and was all done!   Now for the exciting part, dear reader!  I have a fun…

  • A Most Destructive Giveaway 16
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    A Most Destructive Giveaway

    Happy Hump Day, everybody!  Don’t be glum…I have a giveaway for ya! One lucky reader could win the whimsical wristlet I refashioned last week, as well as a journal…but not just any journal!  It is filled with instructions, such as “Scribble wildly, violently, with reckless abandon.”, “Hang the journal in a public place.  Invite people to draw here.”, and “Lose this page (Throw it out.  Accept the loss).”  Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith encourages journalers to engage in destructive acts-poking holes through pages, adding photos and defacing them, painting with coffee, and more-in order to experience the true creative process. When I started refashioning clothes, the most difficult part…