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    ReFashionista on Good Afternoon America!

    As most of you know by now, last Thursday I made an appearance on Good Afternoon America! For those of you who missed the show or just have a hankering to watch me again, here ya go! This was SUCH a fun experience!  The producers and staff were all delightful to work with, and they made it super-easy to make this refash happen (A special shoutout to Tracey!). Here are some fun behind-the scenes pics!  Thanks to Larry for taking them! After a repeatedly delayed flight Wednesday night, I barely got any sleep!  I was soooo excited!  🙂  I had to be ready to go at 8am! After talking with…

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    Jet Setter Jeans

    I feel almost guilty about admitting this, but sometimes when I’m at Target getting toothpaste, shampoo, or whathaveyou, I wander into the clothing section.  While wandering the other day, I saw several pairs of flood-length jeans that I loved!  And I coveted them.  And I allllllmost bought a pair.  But then I remembered this pair of jeans that I’ve had for years, but never wear anymore: There’s nothing wrong with these jeans, I just seem to prefer every other pair I own over them.  This means they’ll be perfect to transform into floods! I used a safety pin to mark where I wanted my new floods to fall on my…