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    “Fun Little Day” Dress

    So…I showed you how I refashed that LBD for Good Morning America yesterday, but what about that purple dress on the right?   I mean, how do you go from this…     …to this?     This was a tricky one, folks!  First, I dyed the original top to get rid of that blah faded brown and white…       …then I noticed all these little holes on the sides.  :/     This is where all my photographic evidence falls off, you guys. I can explain!  It was about 2am when I was working on this, and I had to try to get a couple of hours…

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    An Evening in New York Dress

    Thanks so much to everyone who watched my Good Morning America segment!  🙂 If you missed it, you can catch it riiiiight here!   ABC News | ABC Sports News OH MY GOD!  MY VOICE IS TERRIBLE!  I don’t know why any of my friends ever listen to me.  ;'( Weirdo voice aside, I had SUCH an awesome time!  The staff at GMA was just wonderful, and I had a blast sewing in Central Park.  Ginger Zee is just as nice as she seems on TV, and I loved seeing her in one my refashions.  Getting to catch a Zedd concert while I worked wasn’t too shabs either!  🙂 The…