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    Graduating to New Levels of Better

    Hi all.  Wow.  Lots ‘n lots of comments on that last post. First off, thank you for your kind words.  They were all extremely thoughtful, and you’re wonderful to have cared enough to reach out like you did. Thank you. Second off, I want to ease your minds about a few things.  There seems to be a misconception in the comments thread of the last post that I’m just totally broke and should have a GoFundMe thing set up or something.  That’s not the case, I promise you.  I’m certainly not loaded, and am going through some financially tough times, but don’t worry.  I’m financially stable.  And I can’t stand…

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    Graduating to New Levels of Lame

    When I haven’t posted in a while, it usually means one of two things. 1.  I’m really happy and busy 2.  I’m really sad. I was really, really fantastically happy.  I just started my awesome new job I really like with coworkers who are just awesome.  My friends and I were having awesome times together. I was in a relationship that I felt happy and fulfilled in with someone I deeply cared about and was starting think, “Wow.  This is my favorite person.” Than lousy shit started happening.  I had to revert my house hunt to a rental hunt when I realized my car was about to die and therefore…