• Day 217:  Earning my Stripes Dress 1
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    Day 217: Earning my Stripes Dress

    This housedress was so comfy I could almost give up my sense of dignity and style, and just wear it as-is.  🙂 Fortunately, I snapped back to my senses when I realized I probably couldn’t get away with wearing this thing to work! Time to take this dress from Housefrau Bleak to Office Chic!  🙂 First, I ripped off those pockets with my seam ripper!  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pocket, but since I was going to…

  • Day 119:  Apple Jack Dress 2
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    Day 119: Apple Jack Dress

    So…here’s something unattractive! As I have no intention of auditioning for a remake of Mama’s Family, this piece is going to need a bit of work before it’ll be wearable. I started off by removing that hokey lace from the collar, sleeves, and pockets. Then, I lopped off some of that length. I turned that bottom scrap into a sash to cinch the waist of my new dress. I wore my new dress to work on my Halloween costume.  I…

  • Day 83:  Orange you Glad it's Fall? Dress 3
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    Day 83: Orange you Glad it’s Fall? Dress

    We’re going to start today with a little mood music, okay?  I want you to play this song in the background as you read this (It’ll be your anthem for tomorrow).  🙂 I was pleasantly surprised by a text from Fella telling me that Nathan Angelo added a last minute Columbia show to his Follow Your Heart tour.  🙂  Of course I didn’t have anything to wear except this vintage housedress. The print is beautiful & exotic, and I love…

  • Teal We Meet Again 4
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    Teal We Meet Again

    Today’s dress didn’t have much to love about it, other than the color.  I’m a sucker for teal, so I snagged it right away! I didn’t know what to make of it.  It just sort of hung there in a non-fun shapeless manner.  Time to get to work!  I didn’t like the sleeves being all long and in the way, so I made them 3/4 sleeves instead. The biggest problem with this dress was how utterly shapeless and blah it…

  • An Easy No-Sew Oversized Dress to Strapless Dress 5
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    An Easy No-Sew Oversized Dress to Strapless Dress

    Today’s piece requires NO SEWING WHATSOEVER!  I figured it was about time I did another no-sew entry for you sewaphobes out there.  Armed only with my creativity, I had the task of transforming this huuuuuge housedress into something fun for Mr. B’s Goodtime Karaoke Explosion.   I wasn’t going to be needing any sleeves on this lovely 70-something degree evening, so I decided to go the strapless route while I still can!  I looooove letting my shoulders roam free! To make this happen, I unbuttoned…