• From Housecoat to Heavenly 2
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    From Housecoat to Heavenly

    When I found this robe for $1, I was so happy!   The embroidery around the neck is lovely, and that dark blue looks awesome with my pale skin and dark hair.  There’s soooo much potential here!  Also, let’s all take a moment to appreciate how flippin’ comfy this thing is and how easily I could have chosen to not refashion it and just wear it around the house (Ah!  Single life!).  ­čśë Alas!  I’m not prepared to take such…

  • Day 339:  Miss Fix It Dress 3
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    Day 339: Miss Fix It Dress

    A less observant refashionista might not have noticed anything amiss with today’s dress. But look a little closer! Some of the black stripes have bled onto the white stripes, making the whole thing look pretty shabby from close up.  Also, the length was just a tad too long for my tastes. I got started by chopping off some of the bottom fabric. Then, I started a dye bath with these guys: Some of you are probably wondering what’s up with…

  • Day 87:  Mocktail Dress 6
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    Day 87: Mocktail Dress

    Today’s stylin’ outfit is actually a 2 piecer!  ­čÖé Today, I’m going to deal with the skirt part.  Don’t worry, I’ll be dealing with the top soon enough!  ­čÖé This was a really easy refashion.  I wanted something special to wear to a friend’s vegetarian supper party, so I decided to wear the skirt as a dress!  I’m loving the glitter and that fun brush stroke print! ­čÖé If you do a lot of refashioning, I can’t stress the importance…

  • In Housedress┬áHeaven 7
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    In Housedress Heaven

    I found about 10 of these at the $1 thrift store during my most recent scavenging expedition.  I almost bought them all, but settled on the 3 with the most interesting prints.       Not only are these perfect blank canvases for me to make three totally different looking dresses, they were also all handmade!  Some lady realllllly liked comfy housedresses and made them all from the exact same pattern.  I’m focusing on the one in the middle today.    First, I trimmed…

  • Tunic or not┬áTunic? 8
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    Tunic or not Tunic?

      Whoa.  Just Whoa.  What was I thinking when I purchased this scary dress for fifty cents at Goodwill?  I understand your concern.  There isn’t a lot of good in this dress, but there’s a lot of tacky and just plain bad in it.  However, I’m a sucker for teal, and I actually like the print, just not in such a large, bulky quantity.  Call me crazy, but I saw potential.  First off, several things had to go.  That big,…