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    A No-Sew Coffee Date Top

    Sometimes, all you need to make a refashion work is one simple step. Yes, we could all expend a ton of effort for every. single. refashion. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Sometimes the simpler solutions are the best ones. This is one of those refashions. 🙂 I began my morning with this dowdy dress with a fun print.

  • Graduating to New Levels of Lame 5
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    Graduating to New Levels of Lame

    When I haven’t posted in a while, it usually means one of two things. 1.  I’m really happy and busy 2.  I’m really sad. I was really, really fantastically happy.  I just started my awesome new job I really like with coworkers who are just awesome.  My friends and I were having awesome times together. I was in a relationship that I felt happy and fulfilled in with someone I deeply cared about and was starting think, “Wow.  This is my favorite person.” Than lousy shit started happening.  I had to revert my house hunt to a rental hunt when I realized my car was about to die and therefore…

  • One Dress, Three Ways II…and Good News! 9
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    One Dress, Three Ways II…and Good News!

    Wow.  You guys are terrible guessers.  😉 Nope…still haven’t found my house yet (I’m looking!  I’m looking!). Nope…Mark and I are not engaged (We’ve only been dating since October…geez! 😉 ) I can’t believe NO ONE guessed my news! As a lot of you know, I love writing.  I love writing this blog, as well as all my freelance work.  The hardest thing for me over the last couple of years was feeling like this would always be just a part-time gig, and that I’d never get to be creative in my work life…ever.  Last week, a good friend of mine said it perfectly over after-work drinks: “You’re doing your…

  • One Dress, Three Ways…and a Mysterious Celebration! 13
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    One Dress, Three Ways…and a Mysterious Celebration!

    When I found this dress for $1 at the thrift store, I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with it. There were so many possibilities!     That’s why it’s time for another round of…       My first refashion for this boring frock is a no-sew, and it’s super easy! First, I took one of my arms out of its sleeve and pulled it through the neck hole, like so:     Next, I grabbed a neat belt buckle cover thing I thrifted ages ago and slipped the sleeve through. If you don’t have one of these, don’t fret! Your frock will look just fine without…

  • Green Poppy Dress 17
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    Green Poppy Dress

    I find so many 70’s housecoats when I go thrifting!  I really liked this one with it’s lovely green flowers!     Yikes!  That turtleneck! There was also a good bit of damage on the sleeves.       I’ve been working on a really exciting holiday project (It’s gonna blow your mind dear friend) that I can’t wait to share with you guys.  It involves a LOT of really tedious sewing, so I felt like taking a lil no-sew break today!  🙂 Chops happened!     I turned this dress so the back was the new front.  I unzipped it a bit so that turtleneck became a funky collar.…

  • Take Advantage of the Details Tunic 21
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    Take Advantage of the Details Tunic

    Here’s a super-comfy shapeless/dated dress!     Not much to dig here. The length is lousy.  As I said, it has no shape.  It’s just not terribly exciting, now is it? Luckily, all it really needs is a few chops!     That very bottom bit was chopped off to remove an ink stain that didn’t come out in the wash.  The next-up bit was going to come in pretty handy.  See those buttons on the side?  They’re totally functional!!! I used the button-up part to make a belt by wrapping it around my waist twice. I’m pretty happy with this no-sew tunic, I must say!        …