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    Q&A Monday: Shoulder Pads!

    Q:  You do a LOT of refashions where you remove shoulder pads.  What do you do with them when you’re done?  Do you just throw them away? A:  Oh heck no!  Shoulder Pads are awesome (just not on your shoulders)! Here are a few things you can make out of ’em! Puppy Poo Bag Holder When I take Douglas for his walks, I want to be a good neighbor and clean up after the little guy.  I could either buy a puppy poo bag dispenser/bag set for $5… Orrrrrrr…I can make my own with old shoulder pads and Douglas’ old collar that’s too small for him now! I can roll…

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    Q&A Monday: Dye! Dye! My Darling!

    This week’s Q&A Monday is all about dye! Are you afraid of dyeing?  No no no…not this kind: This kind!  🙂 I get lots of questions about dyeing fabric.  Let’s address them, shall we?  🙂 Q:  I see you dye a lot of stuff in your washing machine.  Doesn’t that stain it?  How do I clean it out? A:  The washing machine method is my fave.  And I have yet to stain a washing machine (my current landlord is resting easy right now)!  The instructions on the bottle (or box if you choose) tell you what to do.  Once you’re done dyeing/rinsing your future refash, just run the machine on…

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    Q&A Monday: What NOT to Thrift

    Don’t let the title fool ya!  This week’s Q&A Monday has nothing to do with these guys: If you were hoping some mean skunk-haired lady and her fay cohort were going to show up and berate you for your fashion choices, I’m sorry (and I think you might have something wrong with you). Nonono.  This week’s question is: Q: “What don’t you buy when you go thrifting for future refashions?” A:  There’s very little that I won’t consider as a future refashion. But here are a few common clothing maladies that I won’t mess with: Stains Stains make me all sorts of squeamish and grossed out, especially if they’re of…

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    Q&A Monday

    Hi everyone!  It’s time for another Q&A Monday. Q:  Will you revamp/refashion my wardrobe for me if I pay you? A: Sorry to be such a grumpy cat, but dude…no. And if you’re reading this and thinking, “Oh no!  I asked her to sew something for me and now she’s calling me out on it!! :(“, don’t fret!  You are NOT alone.  I get this request all the time. Let me explain why I’ll never do this for you or anyone else. The whole point of this blog is to encourage you to embark upon your own refashioning adventures!  Teach someone to fish, and they’ll never have to eat cheap…

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    Q&A Monday

    Happy Monday , Everybody!  🙂  It’s time for our weekly Q&A!  🙂 This week’s question comes from Rachel, and it’s one I get a lot. Q:  How much time do you spend on your refashions? A:  It varies pretty wildly.  For instance, this refashion took around 4.5 hours! If you’re a fairly long-time reader of my little blog, you know that this was the dress I wore for the Rachael Ray Show, so yeah…it was worth the effort!  😉 Of course, I’m not usually on TV (sad, I know!), so if I’m just running out for a hot dog, I only want to take about 30 minutes for a refashion, like…