• Day 323:  In the Details Top 1
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    Day 323: In the Details Top

    Today’s piece began as a frumpy black sun dress. It isn’t very exciting, is it?  It had a little problem as well! Oh dear!  The bottom crocheted detailing had begun to unravel and rip!  :/ I grabbed my scissors, and snipped it off altogether. Then, I made another cut to the dress. Next, I gave what was about to be my new top a new hem! Okay, so what was once a dress was now a shirt.  Big deal, right? …

  • Day 231:  Boldly Going Nowhere Top 2
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    Day 231: Boldly Going Nowhere Top

    Today’s piece looks like it might have been some sort of uniform in a previous life. Neither that dress nor my locks were looking too great.  :/  And style wasn’t the only thing missing from this sad dress. The worst thing about this dress was its shapelessness, so I got to pinning! Then, I got to sewing! Then, I got to snipping! Now that frumpy dress is a cute new top that works perfectly with my pencil skirt!  I put…

  • Day 216:  That Little Black Dress 3
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    Day 216: That Little Black Dress

    When I found this dress in a big bag o’ refashionables from Revente’s Last Call, it was anything but little, but it certainly was black. This just won’t do!  I decided to turn this thing into a cute little black dress for an evening of Karaoke!  🙂 As some of you know, I’m a bit of a bad movie buff.  Some of you might have seen the complete and utter flop that was Shock Treatment, a sort of follow-up to…

  • Day 212:  A'dress'ing a Too-Big Tee!  :) 4
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    Day 212: A’dress’ing a Too-Big Tee! :)

    It seems like every time I volunteer at an event where I’m required to wear a Tshirt for said event, I always get stuck with a tee that’s a good 5 sizes larger than the one I requested.  :/  This includes today, when I showed up at The World Beer Festival. It looks like Erin snagged the last medium tee. They didn’t even have smalls.  :/ Luckily, I anticipated my bad luck, and came armed! I cut each of the…

  • Day 206:  A Perfectly Padded Pouch 5
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    Day 206: A Perfectly Padded Pouch

    Alright…so I’m more than 200 days in on this project, and despite my best efforts, I’m still plagued with a big drawer full of leftover shoulder pads!  This includes these guys from Day 178  and Day 180! If you check out Day 4,  , you’ll notice I’m wearing a really fetching set of blue glass beads.  These are the last thing my Grandmother gave me before she passed away.  They originally belonged to my Great-Grandmother, and for these reasons, I…

  • Day 204:  Have a Nice Trip Dress 6
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    Day 204: Have a Nice Trip Dress

    I love Kaftans!  You could definitely say I’m Kaftan Krazy, because any time I find on hanging on the $1 rack at one of my fave thrift stores, I just have to scoop it up!  You can imagine my glee at finding this sweet numba! Of course, I can’t go out for a fun Friday night looking like this!  First, I pinned each side about 3″ in.  It is time for some lipo! Next, I ran each side through my…