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    Sorry, Safari!

    Wow!  Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for all your support for Revente’s Last Call! Neiman Marcus can’t ignore all the bad publicity they’ve brought upon themselves through their corporate thuggery.   I’ll be sure to keep you posted as soon as I know anything new with this situation.  Fingers crossed!  🙂 Now…back to the refashions! Why did fashion retailers in the early 90’s all seem to think that the best thing to do with a boring awkward-length dress was to stick a safari scene on the bottom of it? Let’s get a closer look at nature’s exotic splendor, shall we? Unfortunately in this particular scene, the sky has turned…

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    Call to Action! Help Revente’s Last Call Keep its Name!

    I need your help. Hello Friends, Revente’s Last Call is in trouble, and needs your help.  In 2+ years I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve never asked for any favors.  But this is serious. When I started my 365 day project of refashioning a used and/or abused item of clothing every day, I needed to pick an awesome organization to partner with.  I immediately thought of Revente’s Last Call, a small Charity resale shop that opened in Columbia SC in 2010.  ALL of their net profits go straight to the Columbia Women’s Shelter.  To date, they’ve donated over $40,000 to women and children in need.  As most of you know,…

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    A Few Cool Things!

    Ahhhhhhh!  How goes it, friends?  I’m taking a week off from work/refashioning/doing anything responsible whatsoever, but felt the need to let you guys know about a few Reallllllly cool things that are coming up!  🙂 First off, remember when I went to New York back in February?  Did any of you wonder why I did that (or why I was wearing false eyelashes in my after pics)?  Well…I was filmed on an epidsode of The Rachael Ray Show, which is being aired Thursday, July 5!!!!!  Check your local listings, folks!  You can see a snippet of my segment right here!  🙂 That’s not all!  Revente’s Last Call is hosting a…