• Day 172: Ruffle Scarf 1
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    Day 172: Ruffle Scarf

    Some of you may remember this from Day 21. First off, let me say the next time I decide to shave my head for a good cause, I’m going to look back at all of these awkward growing-out phase pics and reallllly think hard about it.  🙂 Really. The top I made from this dress actually ended up looking pretty swell.  But I was left with the bottom ruffle. I managed to completely botch today’s intended refashion (I think I…

  • Scarf it up baby! Scarf. It. Up. 2
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    Scarf it up baby! Scarf. It. Up.

    Hey guys…remember this (seriously…it was only last week…try to keep up)?        …which I turned into this?        Well…this refashioning left something behind…the cut off extra length from the bottom of the dress.      As it lay there on the floor, I swear I heard it say, “Seven Days!”  in that creepy voice from The Ring.    Was I going to let this scrap of fabric haunt me from its grave? Oh hell no.  Hell.  No.            I refused to be…