• Day 324:  Play in the Park Dress 1
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    Day 324: Play in the Park Dress

    Check out this lovely 2-piecer! Talk about a BOGO!  🙂  I’m a huge fan of this fun tropical print and the lightweight fabric of this thing.  I’m not such a fan of the frumpy cut of the dress or the not-so-hot layering action! Time to get this dress ready for a warm & beautiful day! First, I cut the dress off near the top, right where it starts to get narrow. Then, I hemmed the resulting raw edge! Next, I…

  • Day 304:  A Pregnant Pause Dress 2
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    Day 304: A Pregnant Pause Dress

    How does one write a suitable preface for something like this? I couldn’t just stop at one before pic, either!  🙂 At first, I didn’t understand why the shape of these atrocious overalls was so odd.  Suddenly, all became clear! Yep.  You’re looking at a pair of maternity overalls!  As I clearly have no need for these as-is, it was time to get to work!  🙂 I knew I wanted to turn this into a dress, so I unpicked the…

  • Day 285:  Nostalgia Top 4
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    Day 285: Nostalgia Top

    When I saw today’s piece at the thrift store, I immediately became nostalgic.  This is a pajama top that is almost identical (just a different color) to a set of pajamas I had in high school that used to be my grandmother’s in the 70’s.  I loved them to death, but accidentally got bleach all over them, and that was that.  :/ Or was it?  🙂 I scoured the thrift store, looking for the bottoms to this top, but they…

  • Day 245:  Mandarin Blue Dress 5
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    Day 245: Mandarin Blue Dress

    Today’s dress wasn’t very cute when I first put it on.  :/ Not to worry!  I know just what to do to make this dress adorable in no time flat! First, I removed some of the length! Some of you guys have asked how I manage to keep the hem even when I shorten my dresses.  I just fold the cut off bit as I go, and everything is Even Steven!  🙂 Next, I lopped off those ugly stretched-out sleeves!…

  • Day 234:  Brunchtime Dress 6
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    Day 234: Brunchtime Dress

    When the jumpsuit meets culottes, nothing good can come of it! This piece is all sorts of lameness.  :/  I got to work on de-lameifying it! I unpicked the crotch of this silly thing with my seam ripper. Then, I chopped of the legs! Then I closed up the front and back seams where I unpicked the crotch earlier.  🙂 I cut off the extra material from the front and back seams, then I got to work on hemming my…

  • Day 233:  Mardi Gras Dress 7
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    Day 233: Mardi Gras Dress

    When I saw today’s dress, I knew it would be just the thing for a Mardi Gras Celebration!  🙂 I love the gold hue, and the luxurious silk fabric, but I wanted something cute and fun to catch a parade with friends…and this wasn’t it! I decided to completely lose the top part of the dress. I left just enough of the fabric from the top part to fold over and pin.  Then I stitched it down. Now I needed…