• Krystal's ReFashion Show Creation! 1
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    Krystal’s ReFashion Show Creation!

    Krystal is yet another of my fabulous friends who was awesome enough to model for my SHE Greenville show.   We go waaaay back to the days when we worked together at Starbucks! I ripped out that HUGE collar, restitched the neckline, gave it a V, ripped off the sleeves, restitched the arm holes, took the whole thing in a bit, raised the hem and gave her new dress a sash! I like the pale blue and pastel tone of…

  • Jamey's ReFashion Show Creation! 2
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    Jamey’s ReFashion Show Creation!

    This muumuu I found for Jamey’s SHE Greenville refash wasn’t very attractive at first.  :/ Buuuuut…after I dyed it, removed the pockets, took it in, raised them hem, made a sash from the scraps, and reattached one of the pockets, It’s quite the cute summer frock!  🙂 I have just a couple more ReFashion show creations to share with you!  I hope you like them all!  🙂 Cheers!

  • Erin's ReFashion Show Creation! 3
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    Erin’s ReFashion Show Creation!

    Besides being an amazing friend, Erin is also a phenomenally good sport!  When I asked her to toss on this dress for her refashion for SHE Greenville, she didn’t even flinch! This dress is incredibly 80s, BUT I loved that funky triangle cut-out thing across the chest.  Also, being 100% cotton is a total plus for dealing with the SC heat! To get this dress nice & modernized, I ripped out the shoulder pads and dyed it to a darker…

  • Meghan's ReFashion Show Creation! 4
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    Meghan’s ReFashion Show Creation!

    One of the Great Fashion Truths is that redheads look fabulous in green!  🙂 For this refashion, I ripped out the sleeves and restitched the arm holes.  Then, I raised the hem and made the button-up back of this dress the new button-up front!  I ruched the shoulders (which you totally can’t see in the pics).  Then I stitched the neckline into more pleasing V, and just like that, Meghan’s dress was brought into this decade for SHE Greenville! Some…

  • Mary's ReFashion Show Creation! 5
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    Mary’s ReFashion Show Creation!

    Mary looks like an overgrown toddler in this strangely-collard frock! It took a good bit of convincing to coerce this Clemson fan into donning Gamecock Garnet, but she proved herself to be a true friend!  😉 To make this refashion happen, I ripped off that collar and restitched the original neckline back into place.  Then, I lopped off a bit from the bottom as well as the sleeves.  The bottom scrap became a sash, and the dress got a nifty…

  • An Amazing Technicolor Dream Dress 6
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    An Amazing Technicolor Dream Dress

    My mom used to direct all of our church musicals when I was a kid.  I was never sure if she really enjoyed it, or if it was just a chance to put my sister and sometimes myself into every lead role she could (sort of like the nice church lady version of Mama Rose in Gypsy).  Unlike Gypsy Rose Lee, my burlesque career never quite took off (too short, I think), but some of those musicals have left their…