• Day 335:  Turtleneck Skirt 1
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    Day 335: Turtleneck Skirt

    I hate turtlenecks and they hate me. I love tacky prints, and this one definitely fits the bill, but it just isn’t working for me as a top…and certainly not as a turtleneck top!  :/ Of course, I have a plan! First, I pinned straight along the side seams, all the way down through the sleeves. Then, I stitched those side seams down! I cut off the extra side fabric, and trimmed straight across that atrosh neckline. Now I have…

  • Day 310:  Crawfish Fest Top 2
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    Day 310: Crawfish Fest Top

    Well lookie here at this pretty silk skirt!  🙂 And look at this! Yep.  This is a Diane VonFurstenberg skirt that was donated to Revente’s Last Call.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t sell it because of this: You can see in the above pic where someone knotted the stretched-out elastic waistband to make it fit better.  I’m all out of thin elastic right now (gotta run to the craft store soon!), but my plan is just to replace it, and give the…

  • Day 144:  Day Off Dress 3
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    Day 144: Day Off Dress

    I took today off from work to do some erranding so I’ll be ready for Thanksgiving weekend (can’t wait!) :).  I needed something comfy and cute to putter around in.  I went for this dress right here: Today was a delightful 76 degrees, so this turtleneck thing just wasn’t going to work out.  :/ I cut two slits in the skirt part of the dress, like so: Now I have a perfect dress for a day spent driving around with…

  • Day 137:  Skort! 4
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    Day 137: Skort!

    Check out this fine pair of pantaloons! Does anyone else remember skorts (aka shorts that lived a lie)? Well this one wasn’t fooling anybody.  :/  I loved the fabric, but I didn’t love the whole shorts thing, the it being too big thing, or the elastic waistband being completely stretched out thing. First, I de-shorted this thing into a true skirt with a few snips! Then, I fitted it to my waist with a quick fold-n-pin with one of my…

  • Day 115:  Bottom of the Bin Skirt 5
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    Day 115: Bottom of the Bin Skirt

    Have you ever been to a Dollar-a-Pound Goodwill Clearance center?  If you have, you know it’s not for wussies.  Only a hardcore thrifter will come out unscathed.  Imagine a huge room with a bare concrete floor filled with huge bins. Upon entering the store, you grab a plastic box on wheels that has a garbage bag in it.  This is where you store any goodies you might find. I’m not gonna lie.  Most of it is garbage.  Some of it…

  • Day 93:  Sequins and Lace Top 6
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    Day 93: Sequins and Lace Top

    Today’s piece was a slightly damaged, but really pretty sequined lace skirt for Revente’s Last Call. One of the seams had split in the back of the skirt.  This took all of 10 seconds to fix by running the seam through my machine. So now the skirt was fixed & fab…but of course I couldn’t just wear it as a skirt. 🙂 …and check out the back!  🙂 I wore my new top out for an evening of dinner and…