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A Big & Small Thrift Score Thursday 4

A Big & Small Thrift Score Thursday

Every week can’t be awesome folks. I have a theory that there is thing out there in the universe called Thrift Karma. For every trip where you find a vintage Coach Willis bag, you must suffer a few weeks of finding nothing. It’s how the universe stays balanced.

Therefore, it only makes sense that after I was gifted an amazing haul last week, all I would find to add to my wardrobe this week was this cardigan.

Hey! I’m not so bad!

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Thrift Score Thursday 6

Thrift Score Thursday

Hey all! Happy Thursday!

By now you’ve probably figured out that I LOVE thrifting. Whether it’s the prices, the fact that buying used is SO much better than buying new, or just the thrill of the hunt, It’s one of my favorite hobbies. 🙂

So, each Thursday, I’m going to show you my haul for the week, as well as the interesting things I find – but for various reasons choose to leave behind.

This week was a bit of alright!

This Week’s Thrift Scores


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