• Day 151:  Down the Road and Back Again Top 1
    Dress Refashions

    Day 151: Down the Road and Back Again Top

    Today’s piece looks like something right out of The Golden Girls! I have to admit, I love that show!  But, that doesn’t mean I’m about to start taking my fashion cues from the cast.  🙂 The first thing I needed to do was remove the top part of the dress. Today was simply gorgeous (Yay for crazy SC weather!), so I decided to make a pretty strappy top.  I took in the bottom half by a few inches. Next, I…

  • Day 142:  Fall Foliage Top 2
    Dress Refashions

    Day 142: Fall Foliage Top

    Check out the foliage!  🙂 I knew right away that this was going to be just the thing for a Liquid Thanksgiving Party!  🙂  All it needs is just a couple of tweaks.  🙂 Now that dress is a perfect top for a chilly fall evening! Every year, my friend Lisa throws a Liquid Thanksgiving party.  This year she’s teaching in China, so we had to carry on without her….or did we?  🙂 I made a few fun Lisa masks…

  • Day 135:  Nightgown Top II 3
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    Day 135: Nightgown Top II

    The nightgown from Day 110 wasn’t a loner.  🙂 I like the lace at the top of this cover-up as well as the color, but that’s about it. No worries!  First I cut off the sleeves.  and chopped off some of the length.  This photo was sadly lost, but I’m sure you can imagine it.  🙂 Next, I took in the sides. I broke out the black cardi again (I promise to give it rest for a while!), as it…

  • Day 131:  Honey Mustard Top 4
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    Day 131: Honey Mustard Top

    Today’s top came to me in a big bag ‘o stuff from the delightful Susan Lenz (a completely kick-ass fiber artist!) You’re looking at an 80’s-tastic raw silk top.  The fabric is fabu, and I love that pocket!  With a bit of tweaking, it’ll look just like some of the tops at Urban Outfitters.  🙂 All this top really needs is a good take-in.  I laid it out on my awesome work table and pinned the sides (even the sleeves)…about…

  • Day 117:  Fortuny Top 5
    Dress Refashions

    Day 117: Fortuny Top

    Today’s piece began as a huge super-long dress from the 70’s.  When I first found it, it was covered in dust.  It looked like it had been hanging in someone’s attic for a while.  After a good washing, the dust came out.  Still…it’s not quite me.  I love that Fortuny-style pleating, but the length is a bit much.  :/ Luckily…this is an easy no-sew fix!  🙂 And that’s it!  Now that huge dress is a cute top!  🙂 I wore…

  • Day 116:  October's Guest Star! 6
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    Day 116: October’s Guest Star!

    As promised, I’m going to start having a monthly Guest Star on my blog!  🙂  I decided to start small for October.  Very small. October’s Guest Star is none other than my sweet little kitty, Gypsy!  🙂  Here she is, checking out today’s piece (another Dollar-a-Pound Goodwill find) I love this little shirt! Fella eyed me skeptically when I told him I wanted to make a shirt for Gypsy. Fella:  She’ll hate you for this.  You know that right? Me: …