• Day 4:  Happy 4th!!!! 1
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    Day 4: Happy 4th!!!!

    Today’s outfit is a bogo refashion.  🙂  I began with this pair of blue velvet pants. I probably would have kept these pants as-is and saved them for fall if it weren’t for one little problem. I lopped off the legs and hemmed them under to make a rather fetching pair of velvet shorts for a hot and humid SC July day!  🙂 I tossed on my favorite beaded necklace (that used to be my great-grandmother’s), a vintage scarf, and…

  • Day 3: Urban Re-doer 2
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    Day 3: Urban Re-doer

    When I first saw today’s top, I was consumed with apathy. Not very exciting, eh?  I might have dismissed it altogether except for this: the back of the top reminded me of something I saw on the Urban Outfitters site. I like a lot of the clothing designs I see at Urban Outfitters, but I never buy anything.  I can’t get behind their political affiliations (we all have our principles).  I do enjoy copycatting items I see there though.  🙂 All…