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    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Ah Valentine’s Day! What could be more fun than a made-up holiday that seems to be aimed at making singles feel at least mildly deficient in some way? Oh wait…most things would be better than that. Silly question! I was determined to not be glum today. Being bummed about one’s romantic status on Valentine’s Day was just a bit too middle school for me. Luckily, I scored tickets to an awesome wine and chocolate tasting event at the Columbia Museum of Art, so I wouldn’t be sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. But what to wear? I have plenty of red dresses, and could have easily picked one to wear for…

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    Thrifty Ways to Make This Valentine’s Day More Special Than Spendy

    Valentine’s Day is now oh-so-very close upon us!  Whether you’re spending this Hallmark holiday with your significant other or flying solo, you probably don’t want to spend loads of cash, right? Luckily, there are a few thrifty hacks you can use to make this romantic (or not) holiday more special than spendy!  I stopped by my neighborhood Goodwill to search for last-minute finds to help set the mood.  🙂 If you’re having a date night, you’ll probably want something sassy to wear.     Of course, red might not be your color.  Not to fear!  You can find LBDs to spare!     I found some sweet red layering pieces…

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    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!  Whether you’re in a relationship with someone special or a swingin’ single, I hope yours was marvelous!  My V-day dress certainly wasn’t going to put anyone in the mood for fun and romance when I first put it on. Yech!  Those hideously malformed shoulder pads!  Those too-short sleeves!  That icky length!  Plus, it was about as boring as it could possibly be! Not to worry!  I have a plan!  First off, I removed the pads and the weirdo buckle-thing from the back of the dress. Oh…check these out… I removed those silly fake pockets from the front of the dress with my seam ripper. That’s better! …