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    Sloane’s Weddingtastic Reader ReFash!

    This week’s Reader ReFash comes from Sloane of Life and Food and Beer in South Florida!  Perhaps it’s because I just got back from a lovely wedding (In Paradise…sigh), but you’re about to see the first Wedding Dress refashion I’ve ever posted here! Oh…wait.  There was this one.  😉  You’ll be happy to know Sloane’s story ends a little differently than mine.  😉 It was always my moms dream for my sister or myself to wear her wedding dress. It was straight from the early 80’s and my sister was smart enough to pass. She shipped the dress to my after I called complaining about not being able to find…

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    Day 366: The End? Dress

    This is my final post of my year-long project (it’s a leap year y’all).   🙂 I don’t form emotional attachments with clothing.  Clothes are fun, but ultimately they’re merely things.  Objects have never held much value for me.  I instead value experiences.   That’s one of the reasons why giving away everything I’ve made this year hasn’t been particularly hard for me. But then there’s this dress. You’re looking at what would have been my wedding dress…except that didn’t happen.  This was what I would have worn on a day that would have changed my life forever…except that didn’t happen.  This was the dress that would have said, “See…I’m…