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    Merry Christmas to Y’all!

    I’d sort of been dreading the holidays this year.  I hadn’t made any real plans and thought I’d just ignore Christmas.  But then I got a call from a good friend who’s also had a lot to deal with this year and just wanted to lay low and have a casual holiday without any familial pressures.  We’d hang out, I’d make French food, and we’d watch scary movies before heading off to a friend’s bonfire party. It was a brilliant idea.  🙂  Buuuuut…I needed something festive to wear! I chose this evergreen frock right here: I usually find lace-up backs on dresses to be quite dated, but I thought this…

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    A Daring Dessert Dress!

    My favorite thing about the holidays is getting together with friends.  When my friends Fredric and Sandy invited me over for their Christmas Dessert Party, I of course said yes. Dessert + Party?  Oh yeah! Sadly, the only party attire I could scrounge up was this: What the what?!?  I look like I just stepped out of a Dynasty rerun! I IMMEDIATELY removed those shoulder pads… …but quickly realized that shoulder situation was even more complicated than I had originally thought! More poufage had to go!  It took a while to unpick the seams of the sleeves, but it was well worth it. Whew!  Now we’re getting somewhere. I pinned…

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    Danika’s Reader ReFash!

    This week’s Reader ReFash comes from Danika in sunny California! Much like South Carolina right now, the weather there is gorgeous. Unfortunately, this dress wasn’t.  :/ I found this beaut at a warehouse sale for $2!  I live in California so I needed a nice light and casual dress for going to the boardwalk with my family. I got so many compliments on my high- low dress. I mostly shop at thrift stores because its cheaper and its so fun when you find the perfect thing. Take look at that dress now!  🙂 Well done, Danika! Cheers!

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    Gotta Love December in the South!

    Some days, I’m reminded of why I love living in the South.  Especially on December days that somehow climb to 70+ degree temperatures.  🙂 Unfortunately, My wardrobe has already been swapped over to wintery things.  Fortunately, I had this laying around! As I hadn’t anticipated this warm spell, I only had a short time to complete this refashion. I got to chopping! And now that muumuu is much better off as a cute dress! It got slightly cooler in the evening, so an extra layer became necessary. I happily wore my new frock to a lovely birthday dinner for a good friend.  🙂 Cheers!

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    Into the Awkward!

    Today I woke up feeling really really off and awkward.  It was a weird day.  Then it became a sad day when I was reminded that this would be my friend Jonny’s birthday if he were still here.  And writing an article entitled “Hey Ladies.  This is Why You’re Still Single.” (I’m working on it, Alan.  I’m working on it.  You’ll get it today, I swear.) was a little tough to stomach when I’m so very clearly not an expert here.  :/ It was time to take on the type of awkwardness I’m actually good at dealing with.  The kind of awkward I can totally handle.  The awkward I can fix.…