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    Wannabe Wednesday: Z Edition

    First off… WOW. Can I just say that again? WOW. One more time. WOW. In case you missed it, this little blog has gone viral…and not in that “Please don’t sneeze on me.” kinda way.  From Tumblr to Imgur to countless awesome other pages to Reddit and Buzzfeed, the world is digging eco fashion in a major way!  🙂 Thank you to everyone who has been sharing this blog over the years.  I got a little misty eyed when I saw all the new “likes”, followers, and comments (Well…at least those that weren’t calling me fugly scum anywho).  Seriously.  THANK YOU.  🙂  I’m sending you all virtual hugs right now.…

  • No Sewing.  All Style. 5
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    No Sewing. All Style.

    Here’s a nifty $1 polyester dress I scored at one of my favorite of all thrifty places.  🙂   This is such a simple one, folks.  It’s mind-bogglingly easy, and requires NO SEWING AT ALL!  🙂 I made a few chops…     That’s it.     What this refashion lacks in complexity, it more than makes up for in style!  I truly love this one and plan on wearing it again and again and again!  Since the polyester is of a very tight weave, it’s never going to fray either!     My new dress was just the thing for an evening checking out art and having drinks with…

  • Thrift Score Thursday:  R&K and Some Lovely Trays! 9
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    Thrift Score Thursday: R&K and Some Lovely Trays!

    Welcome to another installment of Thrift Score Thursday! My favorite thrifty find for this week is this adorable vintage R&K sundress!     So light!  So comfy!  So perfect for a 97 degree day!     This R&K dress was hanging next to several other R&K dresses of the exact same size, so I scooped ’em all up.  The others will have to be refashioned, and I can’t wait to show them to you!  I paired this one with a big pair of shades and my Jack Rogers Sandals (that curiously seem to go with everything). My other thrifty find this week (It was a light week) is this set…

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    A Most Secretive Maxi Dress

    Remember the early 90’s?   This frock isn’t very fun, is it? But guess what?  It’s hiding a secret!     This gave me an idea!  First, I chopped off most of the bottom of the top layer.     Then, I gave that raw edge a new hem!     Then, grabbed that leftover scrap and pinned all the way down one side.       I turned my new fabric tube inside-out and just like that, I have a sash!   Check out that dress now!       My new dress was just the thing for an evening in with the guys!     And what’s a…

  • Tangerine Dream Dress II! 17
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    Tangerine Dream Dress II!

    Remember that time oh-so-very long ago when I dyed that one white dress to a tangerine hue with these?   It was only a few days ago, but I’ll go ahead and refresh your memory.  Here ya go!   If you thought that dress took a dye bath all alone, you’re wrong!     This is a $1 thrifted find that I thought would work well for yet another sultry SC day.  It’s made of cotton jersey, and I love that pattern.  Sadly, was a little dingy and faded, which is why it went under the dye! After its dye bath, I snipped off those straps from the back of the…

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    Tangerine Dream Dress

    When Kassie of The Olive Ant gave me this dress to play with, I knew it was going to need to couple of changes!   I’m one of those girls who just can’t wear white.  It makes my skin look sallow and sad, and it’s just a matter of time before I end up spilling mustard or marinara sauce all over myself. You can probably guess what happened next…     Here’s what my new dress looked like mid-bath.   When my dress was dried, I liked it much better, but still needed to amputate those ruffly things!     Here’s my new frock now!         Cheers!