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    Huzzah!  It’s SPRING!  Now ends the winter of my discontent!  This winter ended on a lousy note, so I’m happy to say goodbye to the blah, and hello to lots of good & positive things that have come into the works since then.  🙂 Let’s start with a new refashion for the new season, shall we?  I started with this $1 bit of thrift store fashion:     It also had a lining!     I like sea foam green.  I also really liked that nice waist detail and wanted to bring it out a bit. But first, I needed to get rid of those sleeves for a nice, super-warm…

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    A Perfect Peplum Sweater

    While digging through my closet trying to find something to wear for work, I realized something…I have very few tops and almost only dresses.  This makes days when I feel like wearing jeans a bit trickier than they should be. When I plucked this black sweater dress off my refashion rack, I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to keep it as a dress or not.     I liked the neckline of this dress, as well as how soft, warm, and cozy the fabric was.  But…dress or sweater?  I really wasn’t sure which way I was going to go. I got started by resizing the dress with the help…

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    Oyster Roast Jacket

    Hi all!  I hope you’re having a swell week filled with all sorts of awesomeness.  🙂  I’m having a blasty with my awesome new job/awesome new coworkers.  I feel truly lucky to get to wake up every day to go in to work to do things that I’m really good at and actually enjoy.  🙂 But enough of that!  When we last spoke, I asked you guys which was your favorite from my One Dress, Three Ways feature.   It was basically a tie between Dress #1 and Top #2.  Poor Skirt #3 didn’t get much love at all, but that’s okay.  I didn’t care that much for it either.…

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    One Dress, Three Ways III! Which is Your Fave?

    Hello all.  Whew!  I have been one busy busy gal!  Starting my new job and lots of other fun things have kept me in a most exciting flurry of activity!  🙂 Don’t worry!  It’s all calming down enough for me to blog a bit more regularly…at least for now!  🙂 I feel like the last time we talked, I was near the end of a project.  Hmmmmnnn…what could that have been?     You can see the previous (no sew!) incarnations of this dress right here and here! I thought it was time to whip out my machine for the final chapter in this thrilling saga! Since I’ve already made…

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    One Dress, Three Ways II…and Good News!

    Wow.  You guys are terrible guessers.  😉 Nope…still haven’t found my house yet (I’m looking!  I’m looking!). Nope…Mark and I are not engaged (We’ve only been dating since October…geez! 😉 ) I can’t believe NO ONE guessed my news! As a lot of you know, I love writing.  I love writing this blog, as well as all my freelance work.  The hardest thing for me over the last couple of years was feeling like this would always be just a part-time gig, and that I’d never get to be creative in my work life…ever.  Last week, a good friend of mine said it perfectly over after-work drinks: “You’re doing your…