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Teal We Meet Again

Cute as a Button
Purplesaurus Rex

Today’s dress didn’t have much to love about it, other than the color.  I’m a sucker for teal, so I snagged it right away!

Teal We Meet Again 2
Hi. I'm not a very fun garment.

I didn’t know what to make of it.  It just sort of hung there in a non-fun shapeless manner.  Time to get to work!  I didn’t like the sleeves being all long and in the way, so I made them 3/4 sleeves instead.

Teal We Meet Again 3
Shortening these guys.

The biggest problem with this dress was how utterly shapeless and blah it was.  I put it on and pinned it where it would fit nicely at my bust, waist, and hips, then used my sewing gauge to measure each side to keep them even, pinning each side.  I even pinned the sleeves.  I was wanting a much more structured look for this dress.

Teal We Meet Again 4
Restructuring in progress...

I ran each side through my machine.

Teal We Meet Again 5
Lipo time!

Then, I trimmed the excess material.

Teal We Meet Again 6

So…this dress was really shaping up!  I liked the length as-is after I made the whole thing more fitted.  All I needed to do was finish my raw edges of my amputated sleeves.

Teal We Meet Again 7
Taking on those sleeves!

I used my fun rainbow-colored thread for a touch o color.  🙂

Teal We Meet Again 8
Yay Rainbow Thread!
Teal We Meet Again 9
Taste the Rainbow!

That’s it!  I added a thrifted belt and my favorite flats.  I now have a cute 60’sish dress that I’m quite into.

Teal We Meet Again 10
Fits like a glove!

Whilst I was indulging in a White Russian after work, Basement Kitteh came over to admire my work…or beg for a treat, which I happily gave her.  🙂

Teal We Meet Again 11
No Basement Kitteh...White Russians are not for you.

Oh…before I leave you, check out my interview with the delightful Erica of  Erica is a comrade in the recycled fashion movement, and I dig her blog immensely.  🙂

Cheers!  Teal (oh yeah…I’m funny) we meet again! 😉

Cute as a Button
Purplesaurus Rex