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The Blind Pepper

The World's End Top
Lady in Reeeeeed

Hooray for warmth!  South Carolina is finally hitting those magical temperatures that make you understand what Tennessee Williams meant by The Long, Hot Summer.  I love it.  I love not having to wear layers.  I love how the heat makes everyone just a little crazy.  I love going barefoot and feeling like I could drink the air because it’s so humid.

And I love fun summer frocks!

I’ve had this dress in my refashion stash for a long time, and figured I’d better do something with it.



I liked the loose coolness of this dress, but still wanted it to be just a smidge more fitted.




...then stitch!
…then stitch!


I was all done with work for the day, so that length needed to rise to new heights!






Now for that color!  Don’t get me wrong.  That lime hue is fun and all, but I’ve been just itching to dye something lately.

You can probably guess where this is going.  First, I tossed in the remnants of one bottle of dye…

First this...
First this…


…then I tossed it a bit of another color as well (because mixing is fun)!


Poor mangled bottle.  🙁


I left my new dress in its dye bath for about 45 minutes or so.  While it was bathing, I remembered this Tshirt someone handed to me at a chili cookoff:


Frankly I don't think that's any of your business!
Frankly I don’t think that’s any of your business!


This shirt is just dumb.  And it invites awkward advances, which I just don’t enjoy.

But I sure liked that mustachioed pepper…so I stitched it down!

Hello Seargant Pepper!
Hello Sergant Pepper!


Poor little pepper. 🙁  Do you see what’s missing?

I did.


Big tin o' buttons!
Big tin o’ buttons!


I’ll bet you didn’t know I can heal the blind.  😉


Just a little hand stitchery!
Just a little hand stitchery!


MUCH better!   Whew!
MUCH better! Whew!


Now my comfy new dress is ready for a casual movie night with friends!  🙂


Soooo comfy!
Soooo comfy!


The one thing I don’t like about this dress is how easily it wrinkles, but since it’s a casual dress, I suppose that’s okay.  🙂


They can't all be perfect.
They can’t all be perfect, can they little buddy?


I noticed that I kept getting a strange compliment while wearing my new dress.


You'll never guess what it was.
You’ll never guess what it was.


At least three people looked at the pepper, and said, “Nice Banana.”



Tony here was one of said people.
Tony here was one of said people.


If they had said, “Nice Banana Pepper,” they would have still been wrong, but at least they would have made a bit of sense.  But that’s not what they said.  :/

Allow me to demonstrate the difference between a mustachioed pepper and a banana.


It's not that hard.
It’s not that hard.


Just saying.  😉




The World's End Top
Lady in Reeeeeed