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A Celebratory Housecoat to ’60s Inspired Dress Refashion

Leftover Dye? Give This a Try: A Jar Overdye Tutorial
An Anthropologie-Inspired Maxi Dress Refashion

Hi everybody!  I have fun fun FUN news for you all!

I’ve been hinting about a project I’ve been working on that I think you’ll all really love. Well…It’s HERE!  Here’s the dealio: One of our clients at my day job is Goodwill Industries of the Upstate/Midlands South Carolina. I’ve been working hard to help them roll out something pretty special. 🙂

I hereby introduce you to the NEW Good Life Blog! It’s a space for some of the most knowledgeable thrifting and DIY experts in South Carolina to showcase their projects, techniques, tricks, tips, and personal styles, and I hope you’ll check them out.

Be sure to check out my latest post, Everything You Wanted to Know About Dyeing, but Were Afraid to Ask!

I decided to celebrate the launch of this awesome new blog with a fun frock!

housedress to dress refashion before
Lady in reeeeeed (houscoat)!

You’re looking at a comfy red polyester housecoat.

I really didn’t want to actually wear a red polyester housecoat though.  🙂

I made a couple of chops.

cut off sleeves on floor
Choppy choppy!

Then, I threw my frock on my dress form for a fitting.

Dress being fitted on dress form
In ya go!

Some whirring on my sewing machine followed!

taking in dress on sewing machine
Le whirrrrrr!

And after one final chop…

cutting off bottom of skirt

…a new dress was born!

housedress to dress refashion after
Sort of stewardessish, no?

It’s very comfy, and I love that neck tie thingy!

refashionista and douglas
Douglas! You’re in my “after” shot!
refashionista giving douglas a treat
Good Boy!
Housecoat to '60s Inspired Dress Refashion  after
Do you like my fridge?

My new dress had lots of fun hanging out with some of my fellow marketing mavens!

Courtney & Keely!
Hi Courtney & Keely!
Jillian and Margey
Hey Margey!
refashionista in white sunglasses
Feeling sassy!

It felt great to make something new again!


Refashionista Housecoat to Dress Refashion
Leftover Dye? Give This a Try: A Jar Overdye Tutorial
An Anthropologie-Inspired Maxi Dress Refashion

59 thoughts on “A Celebratory Housecoat to ’60s Inspired Dress Refashion”

  1. Woooo now it’ll be even harder for poor people to find clothing after twee lil hipsters buy it all to ~upcycle~ or whatever. But who needs them!

  2. Hmmmmm. I have loved your blog for a long time, but I see you have given in to the “click” trend of making people click “more” to read the rest of the article and get more website hits. It is kinda annoying. But you do whatever you need to keep your blog going!

  3. I found your blog in July. I spent the hours feeding my baby binge reading from the beginning. Sorry if that’s too stalker-ish, it was done in a very unstalkerish way. Anywho, I miss your posts, and all your shenanigans! Happy September!

  4. Just discovered your blog through Pinterest. Omg you are freaking awesome! I’m getting so much inspiration – thanks!!!

  5. so cute! I do miss your “more often refashions”, but i am sure you are very busy. I have completed a refashion from a white cotton skirt to a cute top. Continue to be creative! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gorgeous as usual! So happy to see you in my inbox – you have been missed.

    Thanks for the blog tip! Have signed up.

  7. Hello, greetings from Venezuela, I like all your work, I would love to do it as well as you and to meet you one day for you to give me your best experiences.

  8. Indeed, very stewardess-ish! And very 60’s mod vibe. So looking forward to the Goodwill blog content. Hope life is treating you well!

  9. Ravie de vous retrouver. votre refashion est super comme d’habitude. Douglas va devenir une star. cordialement. Cathy

  10. I love your stuff and how easily you make it all look. Just so you know… you have really inspired me to continue to do my own re-fashions and I’m totally hooked… 🙂 You have so many wonderful ideas… love this dress and how different it looks from the before… no longer frumpy but very stylish.

  11. Awesome! Love this. I wish I could fine a deal at goodwill. seems the prices are almost as much as buying a dress on sale.

  12. the dress came out really nice . but i think it would pair up better with a pair of ankle booties or some cute heels . 🙂

  13. Hello welcome back. I am a big fan of your work. As a person with a disability I am not a big fan of Goodwill and its policies regarding paying its employees with disabilities. I don’t shop at Goodwill anymore because of this. I know you don’t control that. I just wanted other people to know that. And I do think you are the perfect person for your job. I am so looking forward to seeing what this new collaboration brings. You have performed majic with that red housecoat. Bravo!

    • I have to agree, because it would give bigger women like myself some ideas. There are a lot of smaller size at GA & SA, but the bigger sizes are harder to find

  14. About bleeding time!! I was about to fly over to the You Ess of Aye to find you, which is very far from SurfEfrika!!

  15. Congratulations on your collaboration with Goodwill- what a perfect match! Your dress came out adorable, too.
    Does this mean you’re going to post more often?! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has missed getting your inspiring refashions, & fun tidbits about your life (it’s so much more exciting than mine)
    Such funny timing too- I came across someone’s Pin last night, it was one of your posts!

  16. This little red dress is absolutely TOO adorable for words! So glad you’re doing “Goodwill Blog”………..I love it!

  17. I love red dresses!! I was missing you, even checked you’re site yesterday to see if I’d been missing updates!! #blogstalking ..? Glad to see your project took off. Good luck!


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