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Thrift Store Style: My Casual Secondhand Summer

Anthropologie-Inspired DIY Nikola Utility Mini Dress (Cost: $4!)
Easy DIY Halter Dress Refashion (No Pattern Needed!)

Has anyone been feeling kind of silly for getting all dolled up just to go to the grocery store lately?

Seriously. I put on lipstick and everything (even though no one is going to see it through my mask). I also keep smiling like an idiot at people while I’m there, which is a comparable exercise in futility.

At least I have you guys to share my thrift store style finds with!

This month, I really focused on being as comfy as possible, while still looking put together. After a blissfully long and mild spring, temperatures are rising here in South Carolina, so that’s starting to have a major influence on my outfit choices as well.

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My $1 Kurti

Refashionista in Thrifted Kurtha
Look at that bird in the background!

Mr. Refashionista and I decided to while away a Saturday afternoon with a picnic lunch and Backgammon (which I’ve only recently learned how to play) by the river.

Jillian and Brian
He’s a cutie.
cucumber sandwich
I LOVE cucumber sandwiches!

When I originally shared this $1 find on Instagram, I identified it as a dress. A helpful commenter informed me it’s actually a Kurti. I love the light fabric and elaborate embellishments on this piece.

Jillian in Kurti
I won 2/3 just so you know.

$1 Tunic Dress, $5 Straw Tote, & Classic Vans

jillian in tunic dress
The perfect length for Spring & Summer!

This is a pretty simple outfit. I like how the black and white of the tunic is mirrored in my shoe selection.

I love how that gold straw tote:

A. goes with everything
B. Fits my laptop inside!

Everything seen here was thrifted, with the exception of my classic Vans.

close up of vans
Ignore the mosquito bites, please.

$1 Stripey Lace Collared Top, $0.50 Thai Fisherman Pants, & Vintage Aigner Clutch

$1 Stripey Lace Collared Top, $0.50 Thai Fisherman Pants, & Vintage Aigner Clutch
Wait…something looks familiar here…

Yes. Those are the same pants from my March Thrift Store Style post.

Does anybody else have one garment they love even though it isn’t flattering at all? For me, it’s these pants. I like the stripey top with them as it’s an unexpected combination, and one I think works.

I think my $3 thrifted vintage Aigner clutch is the real star of this outfit though.

Vintage Aigner clutch
Isn’t she lovely?
closeup of aigner mark
I really dig the patina on this part.

$2 Banana Republic Dress, (another) $3 Vintage Aigner Handbag, Vintage Scarf, & Vintage Brooch

jillian in thrifted banana republic dress
It has pockets!

Fun Fact: This is the dress I was wearing when Mr. Refashionista popped the question a little over a year ago!

back of banana republic dress
Isn’t the back something?

I know, for me $2 is a splurge, right? πŸ˜‰

I’m on a straw handbag kick as of late, so expect to see lots of ’em in coming posts!

Aigner handbag
Vintage straw handbags are perfect for summer!
aigner tag
I ❤️ Aigner!

I think my vintage brooch and scarf (which used to belong to my grandmother) really tie this outfit together.

close up of vintage brooch
Turquoise & Red Orange = A Winning Combination!

$1 Grumpy Cat Tee, Vintage Scarf & $0.50 Leather Thong Sandals

refashionista in grumpy cat tee
Honey…don’t slouch.

I was feeling a little stir crazy and grumpy the other day and needed a T-shirt to reflect my mood.

COVID cases are soaring here, so I’m staying home more than ever. It’s starting to feel like this is just never going to end.

I’m trying to keep positive, but I really miss travel, my friends, and all the fun events that usually happen this time of year. It seems like every day Facebook Memories is like, “Hey…remember that awesome life you used to lead? Ptttttttthhhhhhhb!!!!!”

Jillian in Grumpy Cat Shirt Close Up
My Current Fursona

I found this tee on the $1 clearance rack at my local thrift store, and promptly cut the neck wider when I got it home.

The sandals were priced at $0.50, as they were marked as flip flops, rather than sandals (hooray for semantics!), despite being new with tags, and made of really supple leather.

The scarf, like so many in my collection, originally belonged to my grandmother. I like to think she’d be happy to see me wearing them. πŸ™‚

There you have it! My favorite thrifted looks from this month!

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Thrift Store Style: My Casual Secondhand Summer

Stay safe, and I’ll see you on Instagram!


Anthropologie-Inspired DIY Nikola Utility Mini Dress (Cost: $4!)
Easy DIY Halter Dress Refashion (No Pattern Needed!)

71 thoughts on “Thrift Store Style: My Casual Secondhand Summer”

  1. They’re all cute, but my fave is #2 and the bag from #4. The grumpy cat tee is pretty iconic though. It’s so fun to follow your refashions!

  2. Definately 5. Love the attitude in that outfit! A bit late to the party but I am so glad you are back – have been reading you for years and you inspired my sewing habit.

  3. Super cute finds, but please don’t use spirit animal. It’s disrespectful to indigenous folks, and native folks have asked for non natives to not use the term! It’s better to say patronus or fursona or personal icon or role model!


    • Oh man! I didn’t even think of that when I wrote that! Going back and changing it now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I like “fursona”! πŸ™‚

  4. I love 2, 3, and 5. Excellent finds all around, and I continue to love how you style your outfits! For me, getting “dolled up” at home means I *don’t* simply wear leggings and a t-shirt and I *do* choose a pair of pretty earrings. It’s the little things, right?

  5. Yes I do have some unflattering pieces of clothing that I just love to wear. It is always just a bit chilly here in the morning so I love trowing one of my big baggy flannel plaid shirts over whatever I am wearing. When I stay home I do love comfort and sometimes baggy stuff is the best for that………love it!

    Your shoes and bags are really amazing. I always check bags and shoes when I thrift and once in awhile I get lucky with the bags and very seldom in the shoes (I have big feet size 10 or 11).

  6. Everything looks great, with good taste, thank you for posting them. I love it every time you refashioned dresses. Please be safe.

  7. I love the grumpy cat outfit :). But I REALLY love the Aigner finds. When I was younger, single-with no bills to pay, I bought many of those wonderful leather bags. Alas, now as an older (60), WISER woman, I look for them only at thrift shops. The ones you found are great!

  8. Our thrift stores are just beginning to open here. I haven’t been brave enough to go yet. Although … feeling inspired now!

  9. So, I’m wondering (and waiting patiently) if you are going to share some of your wedding dress pics with us?? Just a little, as I know it’s a day you’d like to keep private.We know a little – you won the a competition and the day was put together for you (along those lines??). BUT! I dearly would love to see your dress, did you make any alterations to it yourself, was it a refash etc.. Please *insert begging hands emoji here*

  10. Beautiful. Stunning. All of it. Now – how do you organize all this wonderful stuff? Please consider a session on how you organize your jewelry, scarves, shoes, wardrobe. I canΚ»t imagine having so many choices without driving my husband crazy.

  11. I love the Kurti (#1) I remember years ago wearing this style. So glad that some of the styles from the 60’s and 70’s are coming back.Am I giving away how old I am?? LOL Fun times.You always do an excellent job of making them come alive again. Thank you!! Stay safe.

  12. I have tons of clothes but I never trade out bags. I also have tons of jewelry but never trade out rings…go figure. Your red dress is lovely and will always have special meaning to you. Plus, you look great in red. I posted about this “weird” skirt , dress thing on Facebook. Sure enough I was told it was a pa’u skirt for hula dancing. It is made with 4.5-6yds of fabric that is not washed. Nothing is cut off because it will cut off the dancers power. When you post stuff on line it is wonderful to find out what things are called, or what they are used for.I ended up making a Hawaiian shirt for my hubby with the the skirt.

  13. I’ve been following you for years & am in complete awe! I also realize that you couldn’t possibly take requests for help, but would you consider maybe a monthly Q & A to help people like me that lack your imagination but could sure use it for a project?
    I was also tickled pink that you found your Mr Refashionista! Love all your inspirations!!

  14. omg… I am so glad to see your post in my mail. No idea how glad I am that you are back. I think I have said that before…. twice….
    Loved this post. I miss thrifting. Our stores are still closed. You have made some wonderful finds and your outfits are terrific. I like them all. You look great! I smiled at your grumpy cat shirt…

  15. #5 and #3 for the grumpy cat t-shirt that I now want and the Aigner soft leather bag that I now envy you for.

    We have four thrift stores open here in Southern California (and all in my town yet !) and you would think I was going on an all-expenses paid vacation with the excitement that it provokes within me when I treat myself to a visit inside ! Trying to cook at home and not go out much so I limit myself to every-other-day and special thrift store sales if possible.

    • Thanks!

      I’m glad you’re able to get to the thrift stores! I’ve had to cut waaaaaay back on any outings since it’s really bad here, which has been tough. :/

    • Oh…they’re ugly pants, to be sure. But I can’t let them go! πŸ˜‰ I feel like Grumpy Cat is looking down upon us all with something like grumpy love. πŸ™‚

  16. Glad to hear you are safely getting out! Also a good thing you had a nice stock of things to Refashion!! You are brightening the day for a lot of people! You have probably heard of these two sites but if you haven’t you can check them out. Daily Dose of Dachshunds, and Crusoe the celebrity Dachshund. I don’t have one but a friend does and she shares these all the time. Hugs for you and the Mr.

    • Yes! ALL THE DACHSHUNDS!!!!! We really aren’t getting out much at all right now, but don’t worry! I’ve got a sizeable stash. And I keep threatening to steal some of Mr. Refashionista’s things to refashion too!

  17. my favorites? the cat t-shirt for sure!! i picked up a Dab Cat t for $1–so i get it! LOL! the straw bag, insanely cute!
    i did finally get to go out once thrifting, but now stopping again because covid is finally spiking in my area : (
    xo eva

    • Cat shirt twinsies! πŸ™‚ Yep…looks like some of us (myself included) won’t get to do much thrifting for a bit…:/

  18. I love them all! And the colors and print on that kurti are nothing less than gorgeous. BTW, when you enlarge the neck of a tee (I learned from a friend to cut out the neck ribbing on tees ages ago–thanks, Denise B!), do you then turn the edge down a bit and stitch it with just a straight stitch? You may feel grumpy, but you’re stylishly grumpy, LOL. And…even when masked, when you smile it travels to your eyes. And people will feel the warmth from that. So don’t stop smiling!

    • Thank you! For this shirt, I just cut out the neck and let it be. I was going for a more casual vibe. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your comment about smiling. I’ll have to keep that in mind. πŸ™‚

  19. I remember your husband in some of your pictures years ago waiting in the background for you!! He loved you then! How wonderful you see that now! I’m happy that you have him and he you! Lovely! Wishing the 2 of you all the best.

  20. I am going with #2 and #5. As for my pick of which day I would have liked to have shared with you, defo #1. Picnic, wine and Backgammon at the river sounds like the perfect outing!!

  21. I canβ€˜t believe you found these Aigner bags for 3$ They both look amazing and Iβ€˜m super jealous. They still sell for ~90€ here and I just love love love the straw one

    • It depends on where I thrift. There are a few shops here that are good for bags because they just “miss” a lot of good stuff. I found a vintage Coach Willis bag at this same store for $3. And a Dooney & Burke…And a Nana (local designer) bag.

  22. I like No. 1 because I’m old enough to remember dressing like a hippie, which this reminds me of. And I too, like to switch purses for a summer vibe. Hang in there and keep posting!

  23. Oh man, I love them ALL! I really like the neck on the Grumpy Cat Tee. I LOVE an off-the-shoulder look, and I never quite know how to properly refashion my tee-shirts so they look cool. I’m inspired!

  24. I bow down to your thrifting genius! I do have one Q: Where did you get the sandals you’re wearing with the Banana Republic dress? I ❀️ them!


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