Thrift Store Style: Refashionista Sets Sail! 1

Thrift Store Style: Refashionista Sets Sail!

Thrift Store Style: You Too Can Rock a Formal Mumsy Jacket!
Rebecca's Mysteriously Censored Reader ReFash

Hello friends! I’m back from my much-anticipated vacation with my lovely pals.

As many of you know, I went on a cruise last week to Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. It was divine.

However, while on the boat, I was unable to get my pics to load from my phone to WordPress. :/ At first, I was really stressed out about it. But after a frozen mojito (or more), I decided that if I could take a vacation from my day job, it wouldn’t kill me to wait a week to post my fabulous thrifty cruise wear.

So, how does one outfit oneself for $1 (or less) per garment on vacation?

Hop in and let me show you!
Hop in and let me show you!

I’d been prepping for my trip for a while, scouring the thrift shops for cheap off-season clothing that put me in a tropical mood. It was a refreshing change from digging for sweaters, scarves, and the like and it helped build my excitement for my journey. As I opened my giant suitcase on The Oasis of the Seas (the biggest cruise ship in the world), I smiled happily at my choices.

The boat is huge, but the rooms are teeny!
The boat is huge, but the rooms are teeny!

Here are my favorite outfits for the week in their natural habitats:

Welcome to the Champagne Bar!
Welcome to the Champagne Bar!

This 70’s grecian-style dress with fortuny pleating was my favorite for one of the two “formal” nights on the boat.

Sort of looks like a promo pic for a soap opera, doesn't it?
Sort of looks like a promo pic for a soap opera, doesn’t it?
Fits like a glove!
Fits like a glove!

I recently thrifted this sweet red number for $1. It fits perfectly, and I love the red!

The fab vintage necklace doesn't hurt either.
The fab vintage necklace doesn’t hurt either.

Of course, fancier fare really wouldn’t work for hanging out around the pool or on a gorgeous beach.

Like this one...
Like this one…
Or this one!
Or this one!

I tried to maintain a modicum of style, even on casual days.

At the water tower in Nassau
At the water tower in Nassau
I couldn't go on a boat without bringing a stripey shirt!
I couldn’t go on a boat without bringing a stripey shirt!
Even that coverup is a thrifted find!
Even that coverup is a thrifted find!
This is what my hair looks like when it gets wet.
This is what my hair looks like when it gets wet.
But, it was worth it for the view.
But, it was worth it for the view.
I would describe this look as "Modern Flapper Casual".
I would describe this look as “Modern Flapper Casual”.
Is the pineapple necklace too much?
Is the pineapple necklace too much?
Tuesdays are just unbearable.
My cruise roomie!
Sky lift selfie on St. Thomas!
Sky lift selfie on St. Thomas!

I got extra mileage out of my swimwear by not being afraid to mix & match.

No fear!
No fear!

Of course, no outfit is complete without the right accessories. Here’s how I kept them from getting tangled. My roommate referred to this as my “wind chimes”:

Shower hooks!
Shower hooks!

Thrifting my cruise wear in the off season meant less competition for really lovely pieces like these:

Also $1.
Also $1.
You won't believe how cheap this one was.
You won’t believe how cheap this one was.
50 cents at Goodwill!
50 cents at Goodwill on clearance!

The cruise was delightful. Getting to spend a week in paradise with my best friends from near and far really meant the world to me. My friends are my family. 🙂

I love these people. :)
I love these people. 🙂

Just think of how much you can save on your next big vacation by checking your local thrift stores for clothing options before heading to the mall. 🙂

So…now the sun has set on my vacation. Time to get back to reality and the blogosphere!

See you tomorrow!



Thrift Store Style: You Too Can Rock a Formal Mumsy Jacket!
Rebecca's Mysteriously Censored Reader ReFash


  • Linsey

    Wow! The red “formal” dress looks like a beautiful Chanel worn by Emma Watson that I have been coveting for ages! And I adore that pineapple necklace 🙂 I have been reading your blog and have gotten back into thrifting after a long hiatus. Thanks for your inspiration!

  • Rae

    Love most of the items but WOW that long red dress is STUNNING on you and fits so perfectly! I can’t believe you got something so nice for $1! At the thrift stores around here that would have been at least $8-$10 even on a 50% off day. Even the torn “project” dresses are usually more than that here :/

  • Amanda Austin

    What an amazing set of photos! Jillian you’ve outdone yourself this time my dear. Love your style.
    Glad you were able to stop stressing about not being able to blog. Of course we were all checking our inboxes wondering how you were
    Glad you had an amazing time!

  • Mur

    As my grandpa would have said, you are cuter than a bug’s ear!! Great outfits and beautiful pictures. It is nice to see the sun is out somewhere! I am currently sitting out a Wisconsin snow storm. ❤your blog! PS Fab hair!

  • Susan in NH

    Love your blog, and as a seasoned cruiser totally appreciated your style and brilliant suggestions for travel wear. You are a constant delight. Thank you for being you!

  • adventures of making

    You look like a million dollars in those outfits! I’m so jealous of the dresses you find at thrift shops…

    My latest treasure-hunt in a thrift shop only resulted in a set of chrocheted Barbapapa’s (yep, indeed….) But still, chrocheted barbapapa’s! 😉

  • vequihellin

    I have been inspired by your ‘see the garment inside’ approach to thrifting and refashioning, and although charity shops in the UK are on the whole a lot more expensive than the ‘Everything $1’ Goodwill stores in the US, I have nevertheless been inspired by you to thrift more. I generally don’t thrift clothing per se, but I love to browse mismatched sheets, curtains etc in good condition because often you can’t buy the fabric for what they go for in charity shops, although I did once buy a gorgeous looking suit that was about 3 sizes too big to salvage the fabric for a smaller dress.

    As an example, I picked up a fabulous brand new Poppy duvet cover in a British Heart Foundation shop which is currently halfway into becoming a dress. At the weekend I picked up a beautiful soft Aqua Pashmina – still looks brand new – for £3, a Lilac double flat sheet for £3 which will make a fabulous nightshirt and my favourite Thrift-score to date: A 100% wool felt M&S Ladies Trilby Hat for £4.50. The trim was fugly but I had some lovely Grosgrain ribbons and a Velvet ribbon I salvaged from an old skirt and have put together a stylish new trim with a rosette I made from a wide piece of ribbon, some salvaged lace and a metal button. I’m super-excited about it!

  • Libby

    I lurk a lot and don’t comment, but I had to comment because that pineapple necklace is amazing!

    Without sounding like a stalking, I missed having your posts pop up in my feed everyday – keep up the great work! Glad you got a break though and I’m so glad that you had a lovely time :).

  • Nicole Beauchamp

    Oh you rock! I had a favourite until I continued to scroll down and now they are all my favourite. Congratulations to you for some great finds. All the best for easing back in to reality.

  • Dolly Loth

    I get your posts here in UK. NOTHING in out charity/ thrift shops that cheap. They run from about $5-30 dollars. Now here is a real challenge! Love your daily posts think I’ll do that cruise! Looks FAB

  • Maï-Thy

    Ouh là là : une bien belle marinière et une jolie croisière 😉 Now I have the song “love boat” in my mind for the rest of my day !

  • Chris

    How fabulous to be able to go on a cruise with a whole group of your friends!

    You looked spectacular. It’s hard for me to decide what I liked you in the most. If I had to vote, I think I’d pick the Grecian white dress. What a goddess!

    Actually everyone looked good and looked happy. Seeing your pictures cheered me up greatly after a rough day at my job.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.


  • Anne

    Totally superb – you, the clothes and your holiday with your great friends. It just goes to show you don’t need to spend much to look a million dollars – you just need an eye for it. Go you!

  • PA Memaw

    Your formal looks were stunning!! You accessorize so deftly! Also enjoyed your casual looks, as well as your hairstyle. Those beach photos make me green with envy! Thank God at least our snow is all melted here.

  • jenny_o

    I’m thinking your excellent choices enriched the cruise experience not only for you but for ALL the others on the ship too. You definitely kept the standard high! Glad you had a great time 🙂

  • judy ross

    Thanks for posting pictures. I feel like I(underlined) have been on vacation. The places are beautiful. And, you look adorable in all of them!

  • Lori Nevin

    Welcome back Jillian. It’s good to see you looking like you were really enjoying yourself and your friends. Every single picture captured how perfect the thrifted piece fit that activity. Classic style for the classic formals. Fun shifts for the sunny outings. You have taught us well.

  • Amy

    So glad you had fun! I’ve taken some baby refashion steps by cutting open and hemming some oversized, flowy tops to make cover ups.

  • Julie

    Thank you for that little burst of sunshine, sea & sand!! It’s been a blustery, cold day here in Ontario, so it was a welcome surprise. Missed your blogs, but every girl needs a break, and you look like you had a wonderful time! You did an amazing job of picking out your cruise wear, it all looked fabulous, and on such a budget!! Oh you savvy girl!! Looking forward to your next refashions now that your batteries are recharged! Welcome home!!

    • Meander and Muse

      My thoughts as well 🙂 The hair suits you so perfectly, and lends to a modern flapper vibe with your great thrift scores. Love bangs, but my forehead is too short and my face too round, not to mention curly hair!

  • Ali

    Glad your back, sure missed your blogs Loved all your colorful outfits, great outfit memories! Hair do, also so cute, must say I loved the red dress with the cool vintage necklace. So, how many sunglasses did u pack? Their all so cool, just fitting for every outfit. Travel, friends & being stylish with a twist, what else can a girl ask for!
    Can’t wait for your next great adventure!!
    A fan at heart❤️ Ali

  • dannyscotland

    I love that red dress! And actually, your room was pretty big compared to the one I was in. It was probably 1/4 the size of that one in your picture. I guess they don’t need to be too big since people spend most of their time lounging around in the sun and drinking mojitos! 🙂

  • linziloop

    I wish we had thrift stores in the UK. We can’t get anything that cheap here! Charity shops want (and need) to make their money (and so don’t sell cheaply), and vintage is more expensive than most highstreet stories :/

    All your bargain items suit you perfectly and the cruise looks fab! Oh for some sunshine (something else we don’t get in the UK haha!)

  • Elsie

    It was a pleasure to meet you, I told all my friends about you.Anyways maybe we will meet again, cruising, keep up the good work, I have learn how to fix my own clothes, thanks again. God Bless You.

  • Wendylowther

    Look every day to see what you are up to! You looked a treat! Great choices! Also love the shoes you choose to go with each outfit! Glad you had a good time!

  • Jane

    Woo hoo!! Welcome back from your well deserved vacation. I missed your regular updates. Two thumbs up on your cruisewear finds – especially the white and red numbers. Have to admit that as I looked at your pics I was feeling a tad jealous. We still have mounds of snow here in Ontario. But I’m glad you enjoyed your trip.

  • Joanna

    We are heading to Nausau for spring break and I was inspired by you to get my swim suit cover at our local thrift store. Six dollars beats the seventy I saw at department stores!
    Your dresses are gorgeous and so fun. I need to go thrifting again this week.

  • Ali

    I kept wondering all last week where my Refashionista was, in denial I guess that you were on vacation! Really well done on your outfits and accessories (that big gold necklace is to die for) and you looked totally appropriate in every single outfit. Glad you had such a wonderful time, and made some lasting memories to hold you over until the next time.

  • GirlFriday

    You look amazing! I really love the Grecian-inspired white dress, but you are a knockout in that red dress! All your casual wear and cover ups are super cute too! You look much better than I do on vacation in my workout gear 😉 All the beach and scenery photos are amazing! Great post – well worth the wait 🙂

  • Janice

    You’re back!!(happy dance). I have missed your blog soooo much!! Living in wintery Saskatchewan ,you are my sunspot to these bleak days!!
    Great finds for your trip!! Love the champagne gown but you look faaabulous in all your finds! Regards to Douglas!

  • Bree Miller

    You’ve been in my thoughts and I was glad to receive this post via email and see all your wonderful pictures. The red dress was marvelous but ALL the clothes were grand and you just looked terrific. Glad for you!! *happy dance* Thanks for the smiles you brought me today!

  • Dee

    You’re back! You’re back! Hooray! You’re back! Love all the outfits, especially the white Grecian one. Hope you had a fantastic time (looks like you did) and are well rested. Miss you terribly, and can’t wait to see more.

  • Karen

    Although I saw your ensemble as you made most of your purchases, I must say, you hit pay dirt. The clothes are beautiful. I also liked your friend, Erin’s dress. Appears purple on my phone and very pretty. Very happy for you. Glad you are all home safely. Keep posting.

  • Michele

    Wow! The first two are by and far my faves, but you did an amazing job with everything! We don’t have $1 racks at my Goodwill (I’m in LA) but you have given me ideas on how to outfit myself for the future on a budget with style. Awesome!

    • Heathyr Dozier

      we don’t have them in Baltimore either. I’m so jealous of people that can find $1 finds. The things that are worthwhile at Goodwill here are much more expensive than they should be :/
      I think a trip is in order to find better Goodwills

      • Jennifer Wiley

        Oh I agree, the prices at my local Goodwill (I’m close to Cincy, OH) are often too much for thrifted finds in my opinion, but I do hope that means my money goes to the worthy causes I enjoy supporting by shopping there. I remember when women’s tops were under $2. Now they’re $4+. I do well on my son’s clothes, though. And shoes. Someone gives away the best brand name leather shoes in my size often. I snap those up, at around $4 a pair. Also, someone changes up the end-row displays for each holiday or season change, which is lovely. I have commented to the store manager on how nice it looks in the store overall, and he says the season/holiday displays are done by a retired lady who works there, and he gets compliments on that all the time. And it is organized very well and items aren’t dirty or stained, like they can be at other thrift chains. I also like that they have several handicapped employees. I’m happy to pay a little more than a buck knowing they’re using it wisely.

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