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Thrift Store Style: Try a Pop of Orange!

A Boho-Dyed '90s Dress Refashion
8 Thrifting Tips & Tricks For Serious Scavengers

As I round out my second month back on the blog, I have to say I’m feeling better than ever about it. 🙂 I never feel quite as “me” as when I’m actively blogging.

All that to say, Thanks for reading it. 🙂

While I love refashioning, I also love scouring thrift stores, antique malls, yard sales, and even auctions for unique and/or vintage threads.

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Last month, I was all about layers.

This month, I was all about orange! Orange is one of my favorite colors, and it’s not just for Halloween, kids!

Here are my favorite outfits from this month!

My New Favorite $1 T-shirt

thrift store style refashionista wolf thrifted tee
Wolfin’ amazing, eh?

I found this amazing T-shirt in the boy’s section (never overlook it, friends) and upon wearing it felt transformed & empowered! I paired with a $1 thrifted pair of orange pants, as well as a $1 thrifted duster, my sweet Dr. Martens, and a lovely Nana bag!

refashionista thrifted wolf tee
Hungry like the wolf!
refashionista with nana bag
Isn’t it sweet?

I wore my new tee to work, and got loads of compliments on it. Apparently, if you wish to earn the respect and admiration of your colleagues, you should sport a tee with your chosen spirit animal!

Vintage Mr. Boots Dress

A few years ago, a coworker gifted me an amazing vintage haul from her grandmother.

Of all those amazing vintage frocks, this one is my favorite.

thrift store style refashionista in vintage Mr. Boots Dress
I mean…🔥

I styled it with a vintage scarf (that used to be my grandmother’s), some leopard print wedge booties, and yet another Nana bag (this one non-thrifted)!

Mr. Boots Label
Isn’t that just an amazing label?
thrift store style refashionista downward view Mr boots dress
Mr. Refashionista: “I don’t think this angle is going to work…”
refashionista nana bag
Can you tell I’m a little obsessed with these bags?

$1 Union-Made Vintage Trench Coat

It’s hard to feel glum on a gross rainy day when you have a bright coat like this!

thrift store style refashionista vintage orange trench coat
Chasing the rainy day blahs away!

And just look at this:

union label

I always try to buy vintage clothing if it has a union label, as these pieces are just so well made! It’s also nice to buy something that was made right here in the US, rather than China or Bangladesh.

$1 Turtleneck Dress & a Vintage Brooch

I really think I might try to make the #BringingBroochesBack hashtag happen, you guys. Because I just loooove them.

thrift store style refashionista fur vest vintage brooch
So much vintage accessory goodness happening right here!

I rocked my basic black turtleneck dress with a faux fur vest gifted to me from my friend, Marcia, along with my $3 thrifted Coach Willis Bag, A $25 pair of cowboy boots I bought back in 2007, a $1 vintage thrifted head scarf, and of course this gorgeous brooch I snagged for $12 at an antique mall.

orange flower vintage brooch
Isn’t she lovely?

So there you go! My favorite outfits from this month! I hope these give you a lil zap of inspiration for how you can wear your own thrift store finds!

Let me know which look you liked best (or hated the most) in the comments below!

Happy Thrifting, and I’ll see you on Instagram!


thrift store style refashionista thrift style a pop of orange
1, 2, 3, or 4?
refashionista thrift style a pop of orange Pinterest image
A Boho-Dyed '90s Dress Refashion
8 Thrifting Tips & Tricks For Serious Scavengers