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Thrift Store Style: It’s All About Unique Pieces!

Overdyed Floral Halter Dress DIY Refashion
An '80s Jumper to '50s-Inspired Dress Refashion

Wow. This has really been quite a month, hasn’t it?

Take a deep breath. You’ve earned it.

I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy in what feels like the lousiest episode of Dark Mirror ever.

It’s tough to feel like dressing in anything other than raggedy pajamas right now, and I’m truly grateful I have this blog to serve as an excuse for getting cutified every now and again.

This may sound silly and trite, but putting together fun thrifted outfits to share with you guys this month has really bolstered my spirits. And I hope this blog has at least been a pleasant distraction for you as well.

If you’d like to get a larger dose of my thrift store style (as well as the occasional pic of Douglas and Benson), make sure to follow me on Instagram!

My Fabulous $1 ’80s Top & Flapper Lady Necklace

thrift store style refashionista 80s top and deco necklace
I’m digging this look hard.

Ah! Remember places? This was taken back when we were still able to go to them at the beginning of this month.

I like a lot about this outfit. The pattern mixing is fun, but I really think that necklace I scored for $10 at an antique mall makes it all work.

Here’s a closer look:

thrift store style refashionista flapper necklace
Amazing, no?

I also love the label in this top.

thrift store style 80s Kneat Knits Label
Misspelled Alliteration was big in the ’80s.

My $25 “Treat Yoself” Patchwork Justin Boots

thrift store style patchwork boots
I’m in love.

I had been eyeing these boots for about a YEAR. That’s right. They sat on the shelf of one of my favorite vintage vendor’s antique mall booth for that long.

Originally, they were priced at $50. I finally decided to just go ahead and buy them as a treat for meeting a couple of goals I had set for myself. When I brought them up to the counter, my vendor friend looked at them, then at me, and said “You know what? For you, these are $25. I’m just glad to see them going to someone who will appreciate them.”

Isn’t that just the nicest thing?

$1 Top & Skirt

This simple sleeveless top was scored in the same trip as my freebie T-shirt, and I paired it with a $1 thrifted skirt.

thrift store style refashionista thrifted top and skirt
Simple, but cute!

I accessorized this look with a pair of Gucci knockoff sunglasses, thrifted bangles, my favorite leather sandals and this amazing $3 thrifted ballerina necklace:

thrift store style refashionista ballerina necklace
Hold me closer, Tiny Dancer…

A $10 Vintage Hand Knit Horse Sweater

thrift store style refashionista horse sweater
Rockin’ a Horse-O on my Torso!

Isn’t this sweater just adorable?

I like to imagine that someone’s grandmother lovingly created this for her horse-crazy granddaughter. Now…why in the world said granddaughter would ever give this up is beyond me!

thrift store style refashionista horse sweater outfit
Remember those shorts?

I scored this amazing piece at a Vintage Pop-Up Sale (once again, back when we went to places). I styled it with a pair of velvet shorts I refashioned a while back from a pair of pants, red cowboy boots, and lace fishnets.

$1 Thai Fisherman Pants, ’90s Vest & Vintage Scarf

thrift store style refashionista Thai fisherman pants and vest
I looooove these pants!

If you ever stumble upon a pair of these funky wraparound pants, I highly recommend scooping them up, as they are the comfiest pants I own!

refashionista thrift store style in hammock
Comfy pants + Comfy Hammock = Maximum Comfiness

I styled them with a $1 thrifted ’90s vest, a couple of vintage brooches from my collection, a couple of thrifted bangles, and this amazing $1 thrifted vintage scarf:

thrift store style ReFashionista vintage scarf

So there you go! My favorite outfits from this month! I hope these give you a lil zap of inspiration for how you can wear your own thrift store finds!

I definitely don’t advise going thrifting right now (Seriously…stay home!), but why not look through your wardrobe for those unique pieces you wish you wore more and trot them out while we’re at home (Thrift store style can happen anywhere, I say!)? If you’ve been feeling glum, it might just cheer you up a bit.

Stay safe, and I’ll see you on Instagram!


thrift store style refashionista unique looks
Which look is your favorite?
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Overdyed Floral Halter Dress DIY Refashion
An '80s Jumper to '50s-Inspired Dress Refashion