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Thrift Store Style: Refashionista Sets Sail! 1

Thrift Store Style: Refashionista Sets Sail!

Hello friends! I’m back from my much-anticipated vacation with my lovely pals.

As many of you know, I went on a cruise last week to Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. It was divine.

However, while on the boat, I was unable to get my pics to load from my phone to WordPress. :/ At first, I was really stressed out about it. But after a frozen mojito (or more), I decided that if I could take a vacation from my day job, it wouldn’t kill me to wait a week to post my fabulous thrifty cruise wear.

So, how does one outfit oneself for $1 (or less) per garment on vacation?

Hop in and let me show you!
Hop in and let me show you!

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Mad Woman Dress 4

Mad Woman Dress

While flicking through the “New Arrivals” rack at the thrift store right next door to my workplace (Can you believe the luck???), I found a few items that were probably donated by the same person as they were all side by side, from the 60’s, made in Italy, and the same size. As that size happened to also be my size, I was especially happy. 🙂

My favorite is this acetate number right here:


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