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Tiki Week Dress to Top Refashion

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When Bourbon announced that it would once again be transforming into a Tiki Bar for one week in the dead of winter, I was thrilled!

Mid-century Tiki Cocktails are my favorite genre of booze. After a long week, a couple of tropical libations were just what I needed!

I got home from work and chose this very polyester dress from my Refashion rack:

dress to top refashion before
It is time.

I’ve had this dress for over year, so it was time to do something with it!

Ugh. But I was tired. And I just wanted to meet up with Erin and chat about our weeks.

This meant I needed to make this a minimal-effort dress to top refashion.

I liked how the oversizedness of this dress made the waistline fall on my hips in a sort of 20’s style.

I also loved those slightly poufy sleeves and the green print.

The only thing that was holding this dress back for me was the fact that it was a dress.

It’s tunic time!

First, I chopped off some of the bottom of the dress.

cutting off bottom hem of dress

Since this fabric is of the fraying variety, I ran that bottom edge through my serger.

serging bottom edge of dress

This overlocked the raw edge with white thread. I thought it looked pretty cool, and now it’s not going to fray!

I was ready to tiki!

tiki bar interior
At The Oasis…
dress to top refashion after
Oh yeah. This is real classy.

I can explain.

The reason I’m taking a mirror selfie in what is very obviously the bathroom is that the bar was so crowded that there was no room to get a full-length shot any other way.

Please don’t judge me.

refashion styled with cardigan
A fashion blogger’s gotta do what a fashion blogger’s gotta do!

I scored that sweet cardigan from the thrift store for a humble dollar. I bought that lovely vintage beaded necklace from my local farmers’ market, the jeggings from the $1 a pound Goodwill, and the boots from a local consignment shop.

Here’s a closer look at that bottom hem.

serged bottom hem of top

The cocktails were delicious!

tiki cocktail
The Painkiller
tiki cocktail
The Banana Hammock *snicker*

It was also great getting to catch up with one of my best buds!

Erin and Jillian
Hai Erin! It’s you!

Afterwards, I met up with my fella, where he was kind enough to snap a couple of pics that don’t have a toilet in the background. 😉

dress to top refashion after
Nary a toilet to be seen!
refashionista with hands in pockets

I hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend as well!


refashionista dress to top refashion
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