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Tube Top Italiano

A Colorful Saturday
Me-Made-March: Day 27!

So, where the heck have I been?  Oy.  I’ve been one busy busy gal.  I have some very fun projects in the works for a couple of galas I’m going to this month, as well as an awesome recycled fashion show I’m judging.  Sadly, I can’t show these to you quite yet.

Recently, I was on the news modeling the black version of my Behind Every Good Woman Lies a Trail of Men dress.  You can check this out here.  Being on live TV is terrifying, by the way!

I love getting free stuff!  My friend, Heather gave me this top she purchased while on vacation in Italy.  She had worn it a few times, but it mostly just hung out in her closet.

Tube Top Italiano 2

As Heather has great taste, this is not an ugly top.  It’s actually quite fetching!  I loved the grey hue and the extreme softness of the fabric.  However, the sleeves really weren’t my style, and I’d probably never wear it as-is.  Not a problem.

First off, I removed the rosette from the neckline.

Tube Top Italiano 3
Carefully deflowering the top!

I intended to to re-attach it after I was done refashioning the rest of the top, but sadly, the rosette fell apart after I removed it.  🙁

Tube Top Italiano 4
Dead rose 🙁

If I liked it more, I could have reconstructed it, but I just decided to let it go.

I pinned both of the sides of the top right where the sleeves began.

Tube Top Italiano 5

Next, I ran each side through my machine.

Tube Top Italiano 6

After each side was sewn, I lopped off the excess material.  Now I have a cute & elegant lil tube top!

Tube Top Italiano 7


Tube Top Italiano 8
Closeup of the new bodice!



I dashed out the door to make it to the Art Bar Players improv show.  I’ve gotta support my fella!

Tube Top Italiano 9
Art Bar Player, Marty!

I got to hang out with my friend, Jane, who refashioned her gorgeous dress from a big muumuu!

Tube Top Italiano 10
A totally un-plain Jane!
Tube Top Italiano 11
I want Jonny all to myself. I'm very shellfish that way!


A Colorful Saturday
Me-Made-March: Day 27!