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Vista Lights Dress

Festival of Trees Gala Dress
Violet Femme Dress

Hello there!  Notice anything different?  I’ve been making a few tweaks around the ol’ blog lately.  How does it look so far?  I figured it was time for a few changes to make it look less clunky and (hopefully) easier to navigate.  🙂

My blog isn’t the only thing that needs tweaking, though!

Vista Lights Dress 2
Why yes, I AM wearing sweatpants! 🙂

This fuchsia top is awesome in color and comfy in fabric, but not exactly what I had in mind for an evening hanging out with my friends in style!  

I decided to turn it into a dress!  First, I had to remove those pads!

Vista Lights Dress 3

Then, I pinned the sides to get it nicely narrowed!

Vista Lights Dress 4
Remember…taking it in also effects the length! If it’s almost too short already, be careful!

I stitched up both sides…

Vista Lights Dress 5

…but I still had a little problem.  Because this was intended to be a top, not a dress, the space below the bottom button was happy to flap in the breeze.  As I didn’t want to risk showing more than needed to be seen, I stitched this down, too!

Vista Lights Dress 6
Wardrobe Malfunction-Proof! 😀

I threw my new dress on, rolled up those sleeves a bit more, tossed on a belt, and was ready for a fun night with friends!

Vista Lights Dress 7
Wait…aren’t you freezing???
Vista Lights Dress 8
Not anymore! 🙂

I look forward to Columbia’s Vista Lights celebration every year!  My friends and I have been going to this terrific kickoff to the holiday season for as long as I can remember.  Our favorite part of the event is the premiere of that year’s Beaujolais Nouveau!

Vista Lights Dress 9

We had a blast sipping wine and wandering about the Vista– checking out the many stores, art galleries, restaurants and bars.  

Vista Lights Dress 10
Gotta love that hat!
Vista Lights Dress 11
I never received the glasses memo.  :/


Festival of Trees Gala Dress
Violet Femme Dress

6 thoughts on “Vista Lights Dress”

  1. Nice refashion–as usual–both of the blog and the dress. The color of the tights, belt and broach really complement the dress. Can you tell us a bit about the awesome jacket you’re wearing?


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