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An Eileen Fisher Inspired Sweater Refashion

Stop Buying Cheap Crap and Change the World
Of Montreal Dress Refashion

I am beyond sick to death of all this cold weather.  Where the heck is Spring?  Seriously?!  I’m sick of jackets and winter refashions.  

Cold weather just sucks the energy right out of my pores.  I’ve got lots of ideas for some fab warm weather refashes…but for now *sigh* I still need to wear cozy sweaters to keep warm.  :/  Meh.

I’d looooove to have this sweater by Eileen Fisher right here:

Eileen Fisher Inspiration Sweater
That’ll be $198.

But all I have is this sweater my friend decided she didn’t like and handed off to me:

I think it was the whole mock turtleneck thing...
I think it was the whole mock turtleneck thing…

I like the drapey body/fitted sleeves combo of the Eileen Fisher sweater.  Let’s see if I can eek out something similar!

First, I cut off the neck riiiiight where it was sewn on to the body of the sweater.  This means it won’t fray and I won’t have to finish it off with my sewing machine.

removing neck from sweater
Lazy, I know.

Now for taking in the rest of it!  The only parts I really want to take in are the sleeves and the bottom.   I just sort of wung it (past tense for wing????)!

pinning side of sweater
Meh…Should work out fine!

Then, I put it through my machine, making one smooth arc.

sewing side of sweater
It’s just one big line, y’all!

After trimming the sides, I still needed to take a good chunk off the sleeves and bottom if my sweater was going to look anything like the inspiration piece.

shortening sleeve of sweater
Artsy sleeve-shortening shot!
cutting bottom off sweater
Not-so-artsy bottom chopping shot!

Then, I stitched up those edges with a zigzag.

zigzag stitching sweater
The stitch that zigs!

Now my copycat is complete!  🙂

Finished sweater
What is going on with my eyes???  :/

I didn’t quite ace this one.  🙁 My sweater really needs a band around the bottom, and the shape is a bit off from the original, but I think I can TOTALLY nail it next time.  Learning new stuff it cool.  🙂  My new  sweater is certainly good enough for a birthday dinner in honor of one swell fella!

Happy Birthday, Ryan!!! :D
Happy Birthday, Ryan!!! 😀
Mmmmnnnn!  Ice Cream Cake!!!!
Mmmmnnnn! Ice Cream Cake!!!!
Birthday Lovin' Buds!
Birthday Lovin’ Buds! 🙂
We still love him, even though he's a Florida fan!  ;)
We still love him, even though he’s a Florida fan! 😉

Original Cost:  $198

Copycat Cost: FREE!!!!

Savings:  $198!!!!


Sweater Refashion before and after
Stop Buying Cheap Crap and Change the World
Of Montreal Dress Refashion