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ModCloth One Swell Swoop Dress Copycat

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This week’s Wannabe Wednesday (as in, I wore my refashion on Wednesday evening.  Hey!  It still counts!)’s inspiration piece comes from Modcloth!  

While perusing their site, I stumbled upon their “One Swell Swoop” dress.

Modcloth One Swell Swoop Dress
That’ll be $49.

Isn’t it just adorable?  I LOVE that neckline and those polka dots!  And check out the back!

modcloth one swell swoop dress back view
This is where the “swoop” part comes in!

Sadly, the closest thing I have in my bin o’ refashionables is this:

Modcloth Dupe Refashion Before
Oh dear. :/

Yeah…there’s some work to be done here!

First, these guys had to go buh-bye!

removed shoulder pads
This is just my pathetic excuse to show you a pic of Douglas.

Then, I chopped off the sleeves:

dress with cut off sleeves on floor
Poor little amputee!

I added notches to my arm holes to make it easier to fold and pin them under when it’s time to hem them!

notches on arm holes

I put the dress on my dress form inside-out and got it all fitted!

Dress on dress form

I stitched the sides down, then trimmed off the extra fabric with my pinking shears.

sewing side seam on dress

I tried my partially-completed dress on, and pinned the bottom where I wanted the hem to be.  Choppage quickly followed!

cutting new hem for dress

Now I just had to hem my raw edges!

sewing new hem for dress
No fraying here!

Okay, so my dress had the same shape as the original, but it still didn’t have that gorgeous neck/back thing going for it.  :/

Until now!  🙂

I decided I didn’t want the back of my dress to be quite as swoopy as the original.  

I’m fond of wearing proper undergarments, and I’d just end up having to layer a tank top under it if I went full-swoop.  I liked the button-down back of my dress, and decided to only plunge it a wee little bit.

adding dip in back of dress
This will do nicely!

I stitched this down, but still…I wanted that amazing neck line!

I grabbed the bottom scrap from my dress and marked 4″ from the bottom…marking this with tailor’s chalk.

measuring cowl for dress
Do you see where I’m going with this?

Then, I cut this part away from the rest, leaving me with a long strip.

strip of fabric on floor
Strip tease!

I grabbed my iron, and pressed a fold, like so:

ironing fold in strip of fabric
A most “pressing” issue!

I tossed my frock back on my dress form (right-side-out this time), and pinned my new collar-ish thing all the way around the neck to the back.

pinning collar to dress
I didn’t even notice what I was doing with my hand until I uploaded this pic. How metal!

I probably should have basted this down before putting it through my machine, but I was already running late to meet a friend for drinks!  I decided to just try my best to pin and sew my new collar as close to the neckline as I could and hope for the best!

sewing collar on dress
Fingers crossed!

After it was stitched down, I used my pinking shears to trim that raw edge.  I knew it would be hidden by the collar, but I didn’t want it to fray!  Also, I stitched down the ends of the scrap at the same time as I was attaching it.

I pressed my new dress, and ended up quite happy with the end result!

ModCloth One Swell Swoop Dress Copycat 4
Perhaps my best lookalike yet? 🙂

I really should have made the collar wider, but as I was just sort of winging it, I’m pretty happy with the end result.

And the back is just amazeballs!

modcloth dupe refashion from back
A baby swoop! 🙂

It’s kind of hard to see much detail in these shots as they were taken in a darkly lit bar, but here’s a closer look!

modcloth dupe refashion close up
Just look at the collar…not my creepy expression, k?

My new dress fit in just fine at New Brookland Tavern, where I checked out the sweet sounds of Sea Wolf Mutiny and Kings of Prussia!

Jillian with band
One of the Kings allowing a photo op with a loyal subject. 🙂
Jillian with Dan
It’s gotten chilly again, so I have to wear a jacket. 🙁
Jillian's friends
Remember her apron from Day 337? 🙂
can of pbr on bar
Still Life with PBR.
band on stage
My view from the sidelines
band on stage
These guys (Kings of Prussia) are pretty flippin’ awesome, FYI.
piano player on stage
Awesome Double-Fisted Piano Playin!
band on stage
The boys of Sea Wolf Mutiny put on one helluva show! 🙂
Jillian sitting at bar
Not bad, eh?

Original Cost:  $49

Copycat Cost:  $1

Savings:  $48!


Refashionista Modcloth One Fell Swoop Dress Copycat
Refashionista Modcloth One Fell Swoop Dress Copycat Before and After
Q&A Monday: Good Form!
Happy St. Pat's Vol. 2!