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Sleeved to Sleeveless: Easy No-Sew Dress Refashion

Ruth's Reader ReFash!
Wannabe Wednesday: Fractured Floral Edition

I am on a cider kick, my friends!  🙂  Most of my beer snob pals turn up their noses at me as I blissfully sip what they call “apple juice”, but I just don’t care!  

Hard Cider is so incredibly tasty, refreshing, and my new favorite summer beverage!

When a friend texted me, telling me Windy Hill (a nearby cidery) was being featured at World of Beer, I wanted to dash out the door right away!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything to wear!  :/  I needed a super-fast refash, STAT!

I chose this summery polyester dress for the evening:

easy no sew dress refashion before
I’m attempting a “Glamor Shots” pose here. It’s not really working out…

Check out the neck ties on this one!

close up of neck of dress with ties
Why would anyone tie these together???

I grabbed a small pair of scissors and got to snipping!

cutting off sleeves and collar
Snipping off those sleeves and that collar!
removed puffy sleeve
Farewell, oh Puffy One! 🙂
Douglas chewing on sleeve
No, Douglas! NO!
removed neck ties
Can’t forget these!

I took the snipped-off neck tie thingies and used them to cinch the top of each shoulder, like so:

Tying detached neck ties to shoulders of dress for ruched look

And that’s it!  A quick No-Sew dress is born!

Easiest Sundress Ever!
Easiest Sundress Ever!

Most of the ciders were, of course, amazing!

Windy Hill Cider Night sign
This is Cider Night and feelin’s right!
Jillian with friends at bar
Just chillin in the background…
cider flight on table
Fancy a flight?


refashionista easy sleeved to sleeveless sundress refashion before and after
Ruth's Reader ReFash!
Wannabe Wednesday: Fractured Floral Edition