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Easy Dress to Maxi Skirt Refashion

A New Blue Dress Refashion
A New-Sew Dress to Peplum Top Refashion

Every Fall, some friends and I make a trip to a nearby apple orchard.  It’s a tradition that we look forward to every year with great anticipation.  

It simply isn’t Fall yet until we make our annual trek!  This year, we decided to visit Windy Hill Orchard & Cidery in York, SC.  🙂

I needed something autumnal for our outing.  I’d be hard-pressed (get it?  it’s a cider joke!) to find something in a more appropriate color scheme than this.

Dress to Skirt Refashion Before
Hello, Fall! 🙂

So what if this dress is too big for me and that dropped waist is sort of awkward?  Who needs an awkward dress when they can have a beautiful tiered skirt?  🙂

First, I pinned along where the sleeves are.  

They won’t be necessary anymore!

Pinning along sleeves to refashion skirt

Then, I stitched down my pinned lines.

Stitching dress into skirt refashion

All I needed to do next was snip off those sleeves, and I was ready to go!

Since the back of this dress zips up, I just used the original neck hole as the waist for my new skirt!  Do you recognize this Dress to Fringed Halter Top Refashion from my recent One Dress, Three Ways challenge? 🙂

dress to skirt refashion after

Windy Hill has lots of tasty ciders to sample!

Windy Hill Cidery
My favorite is the Gala Peach!
Windy Hill Cidery
Windy Hill Cidery
Looook at all the cider! 🙂

But that wasn’t all they had…

Pumpkin Donut Sign
Where can I buy a donut machine of my very own?
Where can I buy a donut machine of my very own?
Windy Hill Offerings Sign
Even more offerings from Windy Hill!

A few people have asked how tall (or rather, how short) I am.  Here is proof that I’m of average height for a woman!  🙂

Scientific Proof!
Scientific Proof!

After we were done at the cidery, we headed out to Charlotte to explore a few breweries!

Refashionista and Friends at Brewery
We had consumed many ciders at this point…
Refashionista and Friends in Charlotte
Such a lovely day!
Refashionista with Erin
Good times with great pals!
Refashionista and Friends
Love these guys!

What a great way to welcome the new season!  🙂


dress to maxi skirt
A New Blue Dress Refashion
A New-Sew Dress to Peplum Top Refashion