• My Drapey Halter Top 1
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    My Drapey Halter Top

    Today’s piece began looking like this. Let me just say that one of the many things I’m digging about my new dress form is no longer having to subject you guys to what I really look like in the morning if I don’t feel like it.  You might never see me without makeup on again, friends (Yeah right…as if I could resist making silly faces in my “before” pics for very long)! I needed to wear something with the colors…

  • Skirt is Shirt 2
    Refashions,  Year 1: The Beginning

    Skirt is Shirt

    Recently, I invested in a new dress form!  I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without one.  It’s like having a clone I can use to try on things, experiment with drape, and pin!  I haven’t decided on a name for her yet.  🙂 I decided to use her to refashion this skirt. Now, this is a perfectly nice skirt.  Sadly, it’s too small for me (a size 0…crazy!), plus it has a couple of small stains on the waistband…

  • Trouser Dress 3
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    Trouser Dress

    Take a lookie look at what I made from a pair of size 40 men’s trousers I bought for 50 cents! I cut the top part into a pearish shape and added an elastic waist.  Then I made an Obi belt out of the fabric from the legs to cover the ugly elasto-waistband…almost a completely No-Waste refashion! I wore a simple LBD under my new skirt, and voila!  The whole thing looks like a dress! Feeling adequately frocked, I met…

  • Crop Rotation 4
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    Crop Rotation

    This top was given to me recently from a local charity shop that is about to have a large impact on Year 2 of my bloggy blog (don’t you just loooove teasers???). As you can see, it doesn’t look all that great on me.  Also, the elastic on the bottom was all wonky and stretched out. I looooove the funky print, super light fabric, and the neckline of this top; but I’m completely over the poofy shirt with an elastic…

  • Yo Bolero 5
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    Yo Bolero

    This piece began as a rather frumpish blouse. If you squint a little (or just enlarge the photo), you can see some of the coffee stains that I originally didn’t notice when I first snagged it for a buck.  Stains are usually a deal breaker for me.  If you can’t get them out, there’s not much you can do.  :/  However, I had a plan! I cut the top off a good bit, and opened up the front to make…