• My Drapey Halter Top 1
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    My Drapey Halter Top

    Today’s piece began looking like this. Let me just say that one of the many things I’m digging about my new dress form is no longer having to subject you guys to what I really look like in the morning if I don’t feel like it.  You might never see me without makeup on again, friends (Yeah right…as if I could resist making silly faces in my “before” pics for very long)! I needed to wear something with the colors Garnet and Black to Support these guys in their College World Series game against Virginia. As there were no garnet ugly ducklings in my stash, I went with a too-big…

  • Skirt is Shirt 5
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    Skirt is Shirt

    Recently, I invested in a new dress form!  I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without one.  It’s like having a clone I can use to try on things, experiment with drape, and pin!  I haven’t decided on a name for her yet.  🙂 I decided to use her to refashion this skirt. Now, this is a perfectly nice skirt.  Sadly, it’s too small for me (a size 0…crazy!), plus it has a couple of small stains on the waistband that I couldn’t get out in the wash.  Happily, it was a freebie! I decided to turn this skirt into a top.  First, I cut out the lining. Then, I…

  • A Denim Skirt (Why didn't I have one of these already???) 9
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    A Denim Skirt (Why didn’t I have one of these already???)

    I can’t believe I haven’t owned a denim skirt in years!  Seriously…This is a casual southern wardrobe staple!  Today, I sought to rectify this situation with this Eddie Bauer mumsy number (a freebie…yay!). As is, this is fairly awful.  It looks like something my 3rd grade teacher would have worn.  To take  this skirt from spinster to sassy, I first made a big cut. I wanted to let the hem fray, but I didn’t want to leave my skirt looking quite so unfinished.  Luckily, I had a spool of super-thick thread made for sewing denim in my stashy stash.  I sewed two rows of straight stitches above the line where…

  • A Silken Skirt Dress 13
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    A Silken Skirt Dress

    It’s been a while since my last post, eh?  Not to worry.  I’m not going anywhere.  I’m just busy mulling ideas over for what shall surely be an amazing Year 2 of my blog (starts next month!).  I’m getting quite excited about it!  🙂 Today’s outfit began as a discarded silk skirt.  A charity shop was about to toss it out because of this: This was an easy fix.  I turned the skirt inside-out and re-sewed the torn seam. If this skirt hadn’t needed mending, this would’ve been a no-sew refashion. 🙂  I decided to wear it as a dress, cinching it at the waist with a sash from another…

  • My DIY Save the Dates 17
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    My DIY Save the Dates

    Fella and I have been engaged for a while now, and have finally set the date for our big day!  I decided to make my own Save the Date magnets from a bunch of materials that were about to be thrown out by my buddy’s business.  Yup…these were totally FREE for me to make.  🙂 I had a bunch of colored file folders. I had loads of fabric scraps from all my sewing projects. I had a big stack of these magnets from last year’s symphony season (not too useful for anyone now). I also had some really nice letterhead stationery and envelopes that were an old logo, and were…